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1* Elsimore destroys the BigBad, who's lvl 40, three times before getting thrown out of the game. Mind you, Elsimore had level 20, or barely above that. So how has he done that? ** First, by destroying psionics, depowering the guy. He teleported to the highest point of power on the plane that generated psionics, used permanency on gate, which led to the mixing point of two VERY destructive energy planes... And then cast level-draining spells on the person! ** Later, he tricked the BigBad on teleporting to his own demiplane and made it non-psionic. Repeat the last action.** In the end, he cast anti-psionic field on enemy, swarmed him with his fire-elementally empowered constructs, and repeated the process.* /tg/ loved Elsimore and his story so much they [[AGodAmI elevated him to godhood.]] Now Elsimore can can come to ''your'' house and destroy psionics in ''your'' game!


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