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1* The ''VideoGame/SuperSmashBros'' [[ Game Bang]] marks Mari's first time to play the game, but she managed to beat both Joven and Lasercorn in the first round, and managed to give Sohinki a run for his money in the next round. Might have been a beginner's luck, but it was still impressive.* Jovenshire and Lasercorn achieving second place in the Cloudberry Kingdom [[ Game Bang]] by doing their final level in a breathtaking 50 seconds flat. This is all the more impressive considering 1. they had to beat the team of Mari and [[TheAce Sohinki]], 2. Joven's controller was malfunctioning and lagging in the first two missions, resulting in miserable scores and a lot of frustration, and 3. well... it's [[TheChewToy Joven]]. Since the two lowest teams ended up having to do the week's forfeit, it was all for naught, and yet it was an awesome achievement for the two Smosh Gamers who tend to take the brunt of the others' scorn.* The Jovenshire-Sohinki improv rap battle at the end of the ''Def Jam Rapstar'' Game Bang. The entirety of the battle is pretty awesome, but it's Sohinki's final verse that sells it and [[spoiler:wins him the battle.]]* The last round of the "Rock Band Rocks" episode where the gang played ''Rock Band 2'' is another awesome moment for Sohinki. He was doing the drums, which many would say is the hardest instrument to play, and managed to get Top Player (with a score of 96%) despite having Ian constantly bothering him while the song was playing. By comparison, Lasercorn's performance dropped to a meagre 61% when Anthony disturbed his drum performance. By the end of the game, Sohinki was the only one who managed to score 90 and above for ALL of his turns.* In the "WWE Game Beast Battle (Game Bang)", 4 Smosh Game crews were paired up with semi-pro wrestlers to play a tag team Game Beast match. Sohinki's partner, Daniel Bryan, is a self-proclaimed pacifist who spends almost the entirety of his playthrough hiding in the corner and letting Sohinki fight the other 2 people on his own. As a testament to Sohinki's status as TheAce in "Game Bang"s, his team was undefeated, despite the massive disadvantage he had.* The [[ Zombie Obstacle Course]], in which each person must control a zombie to finish an obstacle course in as little time as possible, had the spectators making bets on how long the player is going to finish the course. When it comes to Sohinki's turn, Wes wagered that he'd clear the round in 5:34 minutes, which the others thought was a pretty big stretch, since no-one until that point had managed to complete the track in less than 6 minutes. The actual time he got? ''3 minutes 47 seconds''.** While he didn't have the best time in the game, Flitz certainly performed spectacularly in the punishment that follows. He managed to leap over an entire obstacle block on one leg, then won against Mari even after the latter tried to cheat by cutting across the obstacles.* The fact that the ''whole'' Smosh Games crew, and not just Ian and Anthony, were in the [[ 2015 Youtube Rewind]]. That's pretty awesome.* In PUNISHMENT ARCHERY (Smosh Summer Games, Ian's archery skills must be seen. He gets nails his first two shots ''while not even looking at the target'' and then shoots his last shot from his hip...''AND HITS IT AGAIN''** Ian repeats this in PUNISHMENT SHOOTOUT (Smosh Summer Games) where he shoots a gun and hits dead center without looking.* STREET FIGHTER V BEATDOWN (Game Bang) is one for Joven. After losing to [[TheAce Flitz]], Joven proceeds to beat everyone else so that he ties Flitz in number of wins and going to a tie breaker. [[spoiler:Joven manages to win the first round and makes the final round very close but ends up beat by Flitz]]** Lasercorn ''actually beat Flitz''. It was because of him that Joven was given the chance to beat him. [[spoiler:Since Joven lost, Lasercorn was the ''only'' person who beat Flitz.]]* In SECRET HITLER CHAOS (Board AF) Joven jokingly acts like [[Franchise/StarWars Chancellor Palpatine]] throughout the entire game. He actually did act like him though as he was a fascist in disguise and managed to convince everyone (expect Wes who was also a fascist and thus got to see who was Hitler and a fascist) including Sohiniki (Hitler). Joven mentions that he has never been able to trick Sohiniki and now he finally has. [[spoiler: It was thanks to this that the fascist and Hitler won]]* Sohinki complete domination in TRIVIA MURDER PARTY LIVE (Game Bang). Winning all three rounds which included making a massive comeback in the final round.* Courtney in SUMMER GAMES TEAM PICKING / BULL RIDING (Smosh Summer Games) managing to stay on the bull for the longest out of anyone and made a near comeback for her team. Though they didn't win, Courtney single handily averted [[CurbStompBattle a curb-stomp]] and made it neck and neck.* In SPITTOON SPIT CHALLENGE (Smosh Summer Games) [[spoiler:Joven manages to win the game for his team. For context, Joven was the last person up and his team was down 5 points. Not only that, but only one person actually managed to get a ball in (not counting pratice rounds) before him. Joven is down to his last shot and nails the 15 pointer winning the game. As his team said, he is no LVP this time, he is the '''MVP!!!''']]---> [[spoiler:'''Jovenshire''': '''"I AM THE GREATEST COW-BAE OF ALL TIME!!!"''']]----


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