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1* Ned gets one with his great performance in the sword fight in 'The Fun in Funeral'. Especially at the end, where he prevents the criminal from escaping by throwing his sword so that it lodges into a wall, causing his foe to run into it and fall, whereupon the sword comes flying out of the wall, and Ned catches it. Not bad for a guy who [[RealMenWearPink bakes for a living]].** Add to this the dialogue going along with the swordfight:--->'''Wilfred Woodruff''': You should know that I was thrice named ultimate sword master at the Southern Area Regional Volunteer Infantry Reenactment Regiment!--->'''Ned''': I wanted to be a Jedi. * Ned successfully rescues [[spoiler: Olive's falsely accused escaped convict friends]] by using his ability to [[spoiler: ''resurrect a rhinoceros'']]. His finger really is faster than a speeding bullet!* Ned's grand denouncement of the rent-a-friend agency, and finding of a ''real'' way to help its customers.* In the Pie-lette, when Aunt Lily blows the robber who killed her niece and almost killed her out the window with a shotgun.* How 'bout a double in Girth? Olive faces the murderous old lady on a horse, singing/shouting "The old gray mare ain't what she used to be," as the horse charges towards her. A moment later, Emerson knocks the killer off the horse with a shovel and tells said shovel he loves it.* When the sweet shop that just opened up across the road tries to sabotage Ned by changing his shop sign to say "The Pie Ho," Chuck and Olive respond in kind. Olive gets in by strapping on a helmet and charging through the glass door, then they set a whole bunch of rats loose and walk out saying "Don't mess with the Pie Hos." You can get it on T-shirts.** In the same episode, Ned gets sent to jail, and Olive visits him with a pie that she tells him has a "special filling." Then we see the pie has a revolver shape in it, with six little bullet shapes to go with it. Badass.* In the circus episode, Chuck slyly wheedling information out of the runaway girl's friend.


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