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1* In "Crunch Pod," after Nicky tries her best to act as peacekeeper between Pepper Ann and Milo, during their final battle in the video arcade Nicky finally draws the line. She unplugs the machines and angrily calls the two out for being a couple of overgrown babies:-->'''Nicky''': ''I've'' had it with you two! I have tried reason, I have tried kindness, well no more Nicky Nice-Nice! You two are best friends, so you better start '''ACTING LIKE IT!'''** Pepper Ann and Milo then completely forget their rivalry out of concern for Nicky's behavior and take her out to help her calm down. It's at this point another moment of awesome occurs: the crowd turns on the arcade manager for how unsatisfying the match ended and demand their money back. This may seem like DisproportionateRetribution, but again, this guy pitted middle school students against each other in a petty grudge match and tried to make money off it.* Nicky secretly led a protest campaign to make sure neither Pepper Ann or her hated rival Alice Kane got elected for student body president out of disgust for how they turned the whole election in a petty grudge match. Who did Nicky get elected? '''Creator/MarkHamill'''. And after Nicky delivers a scathing TheReasonYouSuckSpeech to Pepper Ann and Alice Kane, even the principal agrees the two should be ashamed of themselves.* Nicky once used reverse psychology to get Pepper Ann to appreciate being given the role of the Nurse in their school's production of ''Theatre/RomeoAndJuliet''.* Pepper Ann ''finally'' having enough of everyone's neurotic fears over their respective "Velvet Rooms" (the special room in Milo's house, the good china owned by Nicky's parents, the basketball court at Gwen Mezzro's house, etc.) and tells them life is for living.-->'''Pepper Ann''': ''I am SICK of you people and your VELVET ROOMS!''----


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