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1* Isshu in episode 26: While being put under a love spell by the MOTW, Isshu falls in love with Nanami. To prove his love, Isshu shields Nanami, absorbing several attacks from the MOTW and is ''still standing''. Isshu then proceeds to defeat the MOTW single handily.* Nanami in episode 30: Taking out a squad of mooks without transforming, and when she DOES[[note]]a silent transformation.[[/note]], she takes out a robot clone of Furabijou with all attributes at 300% with only 3-4 sword slashes.* Nanami AGAIN in Episode 46, also crossed with SugarWiki/{{Funny Moment|s}}: She got left behind during the combination sequence involving Senpuujin-Tenkuujin and Gouraijin-Tenkuujin. After a little trip out, she then launches her dolphin mecha into the robot of the week, piloted by Wendinu, and then reveals shark tongues that bit the hip in place. Then Wendinu found out Nanami practically CLIMBED into the cockpit window, says and waves "Hi", punches the window out with bare hand... then ''draws scribbles onto Wendinu's face''. Then she proceeds to re-combine with the rest and leads up finishing Wendinu and her robot while she's trying to clean up her face.* ''Hurricaneger'' is the first season to get a movie ''ten years later.'' We're going to get a V-Cinema release titled ''Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger: Ten Years After'' in August. And from what we know, not only will all five main rangers show up, but it seems Furabijo and Wendinu will, too, possibly bringing closure to the latter, who is currently the sole survivor of the Jakanja with the former's death in ''Boukenger vs Super Sentai''.----


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