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1* For the series' first episode, the entire cast and crew stayed in Buffalo Bill's in Primm, the inspiration for the Bison Steve Hotel in VideoGame/FalloutNewVegas then filmed a scene in the actual Goodsprings complete with a guest appearance by Chet!²* In Episode 4, Scar attacks one of [[spoiler: Larry's]] mercs who are trying to take her back to Leon to be a slave, ''after'' he already disarmed her. She proceeds to kick his ass and take his gun. [[spoiler: Sadly, Larry's men [[WhyDontYaJustShootHim shoot her in the back.]] ]]²** Quoteth Twig: "'''HOLY SHIT!'''"²** In Episode 5, she's ok and continues to kick ass. Ben and a suddenly kleptomaniac/pyromaniac Twig get in on the action.²* The twist ending of episode 5, revealing [[spoiler: the return of Red.]]²--> "Did you say a FAT VAULT DWELLER!?!"²** The OhCrap look on Larry's face is priceless.²* The introduction of the NCR Ranger in the Season 1 finale and the CurbStompBattle that follows. He pretty much does it with one hand behind his back and in BulletTime.²* Most of Season 2. Highlights include:²** Leon capturing Scar²** The Ranger working to help Ben with his looming [[spoiler: transformation into a Feral Ghoul]]²** Scar's several escape attempts and reveals about her backstory.²** Creator/ChrisAvellone and Tim Cain's humorous [[CreatorCameo guest appearances.]]²** [[WoobieDestroyerOfWorlds Ben's Backstory.]]²** The surprise appearance of [[spoiler: GORIS THE TALKING DEATHCLAW.]]²** [[spoiler: Ben's HeroicSacrifice]]²** A temporarily blinded Twig being unable to help in the battle, so instead using his Pip-Boy to allow Ron to enter VATS, allowing him to kill some Legion raiders with perfect headshots, all while both men remain standing on an active ''landmine''.²** [[CoolOldGuy Ron]] showing up to the final battle in [[spoiler: Brotherhood of Steel power armour]] and wielding a [[DropTheHammer Super-Sledge]].²** The entire final battle, being very epic in scope featuring the main cast, Raz, Ron, Chris and Tim vs Leon's battlion, Twig modifying his Shiskebab [[spoiler: to run on Nuka Cola Quantum, creating a flaming LaserBlade]], Power Armor, LethalJokeWeapon deaths, oh and of course [[spoiler: the not quite BolivianArmyEnding]]. '''''By Menen!'''''²*** Twig's [[spoiler:Quantum-powered Shishkebab]] is so awesome that [[spoiler:after a few minutes of use, it ''melts'' from its own heat.]]


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