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  • For the series' first episode, the entire cast and crew stayed in Buffalo Bill's in Primm, the inspiration for the Bison Steve Hotel in Fallout: New Vegas then filmed a scene in the actual Goodsprings complete with a guest appearance by Chet!
  • In Episode 4, Scar attacks one of Larry's mercs who are trying to take her back to Leon to be a slave, after he already disarmed her. She proceeds to kick his ass and take his gun. Sadly, Larry's men shoot her in the back.
    • Quoteth Twig: "HOLY SHIT!"
    • In Episode 5, she's ok and continues to kick ass. Ben and a suddenly kleptomaniac/pyromaniac Twig get in on the action.
  • The twist ending of episode 5, revealing the return of Red.
    "Did you say a FAT VAULT DWELLER!?!"
    • The Oh, Crap! look on Larry's face is priceless.
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  • The introduction of the NCR Ranger in the Season 1 finale and the Curb-Stomp Battle that follows. He pretty much does it with one hand behind his back and in Bullet Time.
  • Most of Season 2. Highlights include:
    • Leon capturing Scar
    • The Ranger working to help Ben with his looming transformation into a Feral Ghoul
    • Scar's several escape attempts and reveals about her backstory.
    • Chris Avellone and Tim Cain's humorous guest appearances.
    • Ben's Backstory.
    • The surprise appearance of GORIS THE TALKING DEATHCLAW.
    • Ben's Heroic Sacrifice
    • A temporarily blinded Twig being unable to help in the battle, so instead using his Pip-Boy to allow Ron to enter VATS, allowing him to kill some Legion raiders with perfect headshots, all while both men remain standing on an active landmine.
    • Ron showing up to the final battle in Brotherhood of Steel power armour and wielding a Super-Sledge.
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    • The entire final battle, being very epic in scope featuring the main cast, Raz, Ron, Chris and Tim vs Leon's battlion, Twig modifying his Shiskebab to run on Nuka Cola Quantum, creating a flaming Laser Blade, Power Armor, Lethal Joke Weapon deaths, oh and of course the not quite Bolivian Army Ending. By Menen!
      • Twig's Quantum-powered Shishkebab is so awesome that after a few minutes of use, it melts from its own heat.

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