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1Highlight of Discord Murder Party. Whether you want to praise the actors or the scene/characters. Beware spoilers.----* Bob Bennet becoming the first seer to actually be able to call out one of the murderers in Episode 2 Scenario 1* Intercom Joe singling Dr. Grandor. (Episode 4 Scenario 1). * [=SplitGuardian=]'s brilliant acting (Episode 6 Scenario 2). He's just amazing [[spoiler: and his character being the first awakened]]. * [[spoiler: Thomas Gwendolyn's awakening]]. (Episode 7 Scenario 2). Props to Adric's magnificent acting. [[spoiler:Unfortunately, the awakening was ultimately botched.]]* [[spoiler:The awakening of Grace Garden]] in Episode 9 Scenario 2. Queen's acting was lauded repeatedly for quite a while afterward.* [[spoiler: Tommy's backstory]] the ending to Episode 11 Scenario 2. Despite how sad the scene was, we have to give credit to Adric, Juno and Darby for their magnificent acting.** Added bonus, Vincent slaps the Murder God.* [[spoiler: Tommy finally being successfully awakened.]] The acting of everyone involved was fantastic.** Not to mention [[spoiler: Vinny shooting the Murder God in the face to shut her up]]* [[spoiler: Christina Forks' reveal.]] Cami's acting was applaud by the fans.* The Awakened [[spoiler: taking their turn after Murder God guilt tripping Percy for abandoning his sister.]]** It is unclear which Grace is out, but she definitely let her point be heard.* The confrontation between [[spoiler:Christine Forks and the Grace Killer.]] Many props to Cami and [[spoiler: Bro]] for their respective role.** Props to Cami even more because she had no idea who [[spoiler: the Grace Killer]] was until now.


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