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1[[quoteright:300:]]˛˛''Chopper's Kingdom on the Island of Strange Animals'' is the third ''Franchise/OnePiece'' film in the long-running franchise.˛˛As the title suggests, Chopper takes the spotlight in this one as the Straw Hats manage to make their way to Crown Island in search of the legendary Crowning Treasure Horns. However their arrival coincides with the death of island's ruler, Kirin Lion, much to his adoptive son, Mobambi's, dismay. As such the island waits for it's new ruler signaled by geysers around the island (hence the name Crown Island). The Straw Hats wound up caught in one of the geysers and sent flying where Chopper is thrown off the Merry Go. He lands right in front of Mobambi and the animals who believe him to be the next king since he "fell from the sky".˛˛Meanwhile the Straw Hats, after landing safely, begin their search for Chopper. Coming across a suspicious individual, Count Butler, and his cohorts who are also after the the Crowning Treasure Horns and killing the island's inhabitants to find it. What follows is a race to get to Chopper before Butler does and try to prevent the poacher from getting his hands on the horns.˛˛----˛!!Tropes:˛˛* AwesomeMomentOfCrowning: [[spoiler: At the end of the movie, Mobambi is crowned the new king for his bravery in trying to stop Butler.]]˛* CameFromTheSky: The animals believe Chopper to be their king thanks to this. In truth he was just flung off from the Merry when it went flying and happened to land right in front of them.˛* EpicFlail: Hotdog tries to use one to smash Zoro before resorting to kicks.˛* EvilPoacher: Butler. He poaches animals so he can ''eat their horns.''˛* HumansAreBastards: Somewhat explored though ultimately subverted. Butler and his cronies are killing the animals on the island, but are defeated by the Straw Hats, who defend the island, and ultimately Mobambi, a human child, [[spoiler:is crowned the new king of the animals]].˛* MusicalAssassin: Butler who can use his violin to mind control animals called Horn Eaters to do his bidding (which oddly affects Luffy as well) as well as wields a tambourine shaped ax. ˛* NonHumanSidekick: Karasuke to Mobambi.˛* NonSerialMovie: While most of the One Piece films fit this trope, being non-canonical, stand-alone stories, it's usually easy to figure out when they're supposed to take place in the [[Manga/OnePiece greater narrative]]. This movie, however, can't ''possibly'' fit anywhere in the timeline, thanks to the absence of Vivi -- who was with the crew when Chopper first joined -- and Robin, who joined the crew ''immediately'' after Vivi left, unless she was just sitting undiscovered in the ship's cabin for the entire film.˛* ObviouslyEvil: Butler. The man even has an outfit with the word "evil" on the back, for crying out loud.˛* OneWingedAngel: When Butler eats the Treasure Horns, he becomes a hulking beast. [[ClippedWingAngel Once the horns are destroyed, however]]...˛* OverlyLongName: Seriously the title's a mouthful.˛* PlayingAgainstType: In-universe and meta example: Normally Zoro and Sanji would battle the swordsman and martial artist respectively in the Big Bad's QuirkyMiniBossSquad. In this movie, it's reversed -- Zoro goes up against Hot Dog, a man who attacks with kicks, while Sanji fights Heaby, a swordsman. After defeating their respective opponents, both Straw Hats say their opponent's attacks could never match up with Zoro's/Sanji's.˛* PunnyName: Karasuke is a pun on Karasu (crow) and Suke, a typical suffix for Japanese names. Heaby sounds like Hebi (snake).˛* RaisedByWolves: Mobambi was taken in by a Lion-Qilin hybrid animal after he wound up shipwrecked on the island.˛* RedBaron: Hotdog "The Crazy Dog" and Heaby "The Poisonous Snake."˛* ShortFilm: Just a little under an hour in total.˛* TalkingAnimal: Two in the movie; Karasuke, Mobambi's friend and a bald parrot who acts as an old sage for the kingdom.˛* WhipSword: Heaby's weapon of choice. According to Sanji, it's nothing compared to Zoro's.˛* YouKilledMyFather: Mobambi to [[spoiler: Butler]].˛----


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