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1[[AATAFOVS:{{HeartBurn Kid}} and {{The InterKnight}}]]²Season 1, Episode 9. Comes after AATAFOVS/TimeToVampBend, followed by AATAFOVS/APiratesLifeForMe.²²The Vamp Benders receive a message from ERU to activate the story gate at precisely 7:01 and go through, and to win the grand prize in the competition they find themselves in afterwards. Upon going through the gate, they find themselves on the set of a bizarre game show entitled, "Win Frankenstein's Money", which seems to be hosted by Dr. Frankenstein and his monster!²²In the first round, the gang simply has to answer a few trivia questions, all of which seem to center around fire and how bad it is. In the second round, The Monster himself defends the money by becoming a contestant! Sadly, the monster fails miserably at this, as his answer to every question is, "GRAAAAAAAAAAH!" The third and final round will have the Benders win the grand prize... but only if they can defeat the monster in combat!²²The battle does not go well for our heroes at first; Cleo's halter-top gets a strap ripped (coming dangerously close to violating FCC regulations), Avatar is knocked unconscious, and even Sue's strength is no match for the green giant. Avatar has a dream where ERU appears to him, and confides his belief in him; after this, he wakes up, and manages to take down the beast with an improvised net he made from the microphone holders and Dr. Frankenstein's jacket. Dr. Frankenstein is impressed, and gives the Vamp Benders the grand prize: 3 dollars and 50 cents. "He's a monster; they're not exactly rich, you know," Dr. Frankenstein quips.²²The gang wonders aloud why ERU would put them through all this for nothing. During the discussion, it comes out that Solo got drunk instead of setting the clocks back for the end of Daylight Savings Time; it's now actually 6:59, not 7:59. The gang quickly opens the story gate and rushes back to the lab, hoping to make it in time for the ''real'' competition that ERU wanted them to take part in.²²----²''Fan Commentary'': Rumor has it that this episode was a {{Main/Poorly Disguised Pilot}} for a parody game show. The network rejected it as "too bizarre", which just goes to show that some things are too weird even for [=TVn=].²----


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