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* AlternateCharacterInterpretation: There are two major conflicting interpretations about Venus. The first one is that she is a ghost, as she picked Phantump as her starter, a Pokémon that is present in the wild in the close-by Santalune Forest and is known to get people lost in the deep woods, and her name "♀266" closely resembles that of the short-lived ''LetsPlay/TwitchPlaysPokemonConquest'' Host "♀", implying that the "266" part of her name might be her actual age. The second is that she is a clone (possibly of the very same ''Conquest'' host), as indicated by the several Trainers sharing the same physical appearance at her, implying that "266" might actually be her serial number.
* BrokenBase: While major Trainers such as the Gym Leaders and Elite 4 members still had their teams and type preferences randomized, their Pokémon's movesets were manually set to competitively viable ones. This was done in an attempt to address the issue of randomized bosses often ending up too easy to defeat for TPP; while some viewers appreciated the increased challenge, other felt that this went completely against the point of the randomizer itself, which included seeing what kind of unexpected attacks the various Pokémon could turn out to be using.
* SugarWiki/FunnyMoments: Diantha's rematch team included a level 100 Yveltal holding a Master Ball. It was intended to pass the Master Ball to ♀266 by using the move Bestow; however, as all of ♀266 were already holding an item, Yveltal just kept desperately spamming Bestow over and over, with the move failing each and every time.


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