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'''What Happens in Carpediem...''' is a {{webcomic}} by Piggy Ho Ho.

Welcome to Carpediem, the world of the massively popular MMORPG. When Naoto and Chris set out to find a strong attacker for their party, Kurogawa is not quite what they expected...

!!This webcomic contains examples of:
* ADateWithRosiePalms
* AlwaysIdenticalTwins
* CrossPlayer: Chris is a guy IRL, and plays a cute female avatar.
* FantasyCharacterClasses: Cherry_Sugar_Pop is a ninja (quick, but a weak attacker). Nao-to is a White Knight (swordsman, but he didn't develop those skills; magical healer). kurogawa_718 is a Black Knight (swordsman with high attack skills).
* {{Foreshadowing}}: The second time Naoto meets Kurogawa in-game, he thinks it's a different person until he checks the username display.
* MarriageOfConvenience: There are in-game benefits to [[ declaring another character your spouse]], including item-sharing, credit-sharing, and [[MagicKiss MP restoration via kissing]].
* TwinSwitch: Turns out [[spoiler:kurogawa_718 was always played by two people, real-life twins, who take turns in the game]].

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