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History TearJerker / NewKrypton

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* The Kandorians were trapped in one bottle during three decades until Franchise/{{Superman}} and ComicBook/{{Supergirl}} released them. Free at last, they had the chance to save their race from extinction in a place where they all had powers. However they were greeted with fear and mistrust, and some of them were killed off. The whole race moved to another planet in hopes of rebuilding their civilization safely, but even so they weren't safe and were blown to Kingdom come.
* After the world-shattering blast, Superman looks for survivors amidst the space debris. He finds no one but his cousin Supergirl. Both cousins embrace each other crying soundlessly.
* Flamebird and Nightwing risked her lives tracking down and capturing Zod's sleeper agents. What did they got in return? They were feared, hated and hunted down by the very people they intended to protect. At the end, Thara dies and Chris gets deaged and trapped in the PhantomZone.


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