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History Recap / TheRisingOfTheShieldHeroS1E23CalMiraArchipelago

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* DrawAggro: Naofumi's "Hate Reaction" technique works as this.

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On the ship to Cal Mira, Naofumi once again runs into L'Arc, who keeps throwing him off. However, the strange man's friendly nature shines through, and Naofumi quickly takes a liking to him. After having a fun time grinding levels and a lively meal, Naofumi feels happy and fulfilled for the first time in this world.

!Tropes for this episode include:

* CassandraTruth: When Naofumi tells L'Arc and Therese who he is, they don't believe him, thinking that the Shield Hero is some ObviouslyEvil CardCarryingVillain and that Naofumi is going by a conspicuous alias.
* {{Foreshadowing}}: Naofumi's party can't help but notice that Therese's incantation is different from normal.
* FriendlyFireproof: Therese's fire spell destroys the penguin monsters without hurting Naofumi.
* IResembleThatRemark: When L'Arc describes what he had heard of the Shield Hero as a practitioner of "scams, blackmail, kidnapping... with powerful friends who will execute anyone he doesn't like", Naofumi remarks that that description as actually fairly accurate.
* ItemCrafting: Naofumi manages to craft Raphtalia and Filo new weapons from a black bull monster. He later hand-crafts an accessory for Therese using her starfire crystal.
* {{Jerkass}}: The Three Heroes had left for the ship to Cal Mira early without Naofumi. They then occupy the entirety of the VIP rooms (including the captain's quarters) without the consideration of others.
* MeaningfulName: Therese ''Alexandrite'' draws mana reserve from crystals.
* NeverGetsDrunk: Naofumi is absentmindedly eating a bowl of fruit at the bar, only for L'Arc and the bartender to try and get him to stop, pointing out that they make wine out of it. Thinking he has the same immunity (and not wanting to be upstaged by Naofumi), Motoyasu eats one too, only for him to start foaming at the mouth and collapse.
* NoListeningSkills: While Naofumi tries to talk to the three heroes about their leveling systems, they are all too sea-sick to listen to him.
* SinisterScythe: L'Arc's weapon.
* TranslatorMicrobes: While Naofumi can understand Therese perfectly due to the translating properties of his shield, Therese has to use a spell for Raphtalia to understand her too.
* WhamEpisode: There is a Dragon Hourglass in Cal Mira, and a wave is about to hit it within 2 days.


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