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History Recap / MySuperheroAcademyS04E02ClassOnesDayOut

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'''[[AC: My Superhero Academy S04 E02 Class One's Day Out]]'''

->'''Rienbach:''' I believe that is enough craziness for one day. Class is dismissed.

->'''Lucien:''' I think...what you all some time off to just relax and do normal stuff...Like watching a movie! Or going somewhere to eat! It'll be a good chance for me and the other two new people to get to know you all better and you to know us too! My treat!

'''First Post:''' [[ 17 October 2018]] \\\
'''Short Synopsis:''' [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin Class One takes some time to have a day out.]]


* BreatherEpisode: The hardest thing Class One has faced so far is deciding on a movie... and Mahvash's driving.

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