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'''Season 04, Episode 09:'''
!Tupperware Party Massacre
->'''In the wake of a tragic loss, Jimmy sinks into a drunken despair. A reading from Maggie spurns Dandy into action. Stanley and Elsa track down the twins.'''

In her tent, Maggie gives Dandy a five-dollar reading. After murdering his mother and turning her into a life-sized marionette in homage to Bette and Dot (with help from the grafted head of a freshly killed Avon lady), he admits that he has lost the one person upon whom he relies for help. She gives him pat promises that all will be well and he tips her a one-hundred dollar bill. He is confronted as he leaves by Jimmy, who since his mother's death, has been in a constant drunken state and carrying on a sexual dalliance with Ima, the new fat lady addition to the show. He accuses Dandy of being the man behind the clown mask and throws a deftly dodged punch which lands him on ground. A disgusted Paul and Eve walk away, leaving Dandy to privately reveal his plan to get his revenge on Jimmy for taking the twins from him.

Stanley has convinced Elsa that he has contacted Dr. Sugar to perform the surgical separation of the twins and, having successfully searched Ethel's trailer for a clue to their location, the find the girls at a motel in West Palm Beach. They say that an angry mob has killed Ethel and that no freak is safe.

A dark, handsome stranger, Angus T. Jefferson, comes calling for Desiree. She reveals to Maggie that he is her secret beau as they enter the prop tent to find Jimmy and Ima rutting like hogs. Maggie is hurt and slaps Jimmy and belittles Ima as nothing more than a hole to stick it in.

The desperate housewives of Jupiter, FL are throwing another "Tupperware party" but it is ruined by Jimmy's drunkenness. He blubbers to a disappointed vision of his dead mother before they ask him to leave. The doorbell rings almost immediately afterwards and Dandy charms his way in on the pretense of using the phone. The man of the house later returns from work to find his wife and her friends floating in a blood red swimming pool.

Stanley and Elsa bring the twins to a remote shack equipped with a makeshift examination table. Stanley attempts to assuage their doubts, saying that Dr. Sugar has perfected his technique. Bette is not convinced but, once they are alone, she tells her sister that she is willing to sacrifice herself for Dot's happiness.

At the Mott manor, Dandy prepares his bath with freshly collected blood as Regina Ross arrives to inform him that she has contacted the police regarding the disappearance of her mother. He doesn't hesitate to admit that he killed Dora and his own mother as well. Disrobing, he implores her to join him in the bath like they did as children. He claims to be a god among men with no desire to kill her, but she only begs to leave. Disappointed but convinced of his immunity to the law, he allows her to go.

Consumed by guilt over his murder of Ma Petite and his hidden homosexuality, Dell struggles to compose a suicide note to Jimmy. Encouraged by his own drunken vision of Ethel, he hangs himself from a rope in his trailer. Just before he blacks out, he is cut down by Desiree.

In a motel room, Stanley coaches his favourite gigolo in playing the role of Dr. Sugar, convincing the dumb "himbo" that it will be a mercy killing, before employing his oral service.

Regina returns to the manor with Det. Colquitt, who asks to question Dandy regarding her accusations. Dandy admits his crimes and brags of the Mott family fortune. He offers one million dollars and the cop doesn't hesitate to put a bullet in Regina's head.

Moved by her sister's love, Dot visits Jimmy in his trailer to express her love for him. She removes her robe and offers herself with Bette's full compliance, but after only a kiss he stops them. He admits that while he cares for them both, he loves another. After they leave, Dandy's newly purchased police force arrives to arrest Jimmy for multiple homicide of the housewives.

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