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* ''Glowing in the Darkest Night'' (2010)


* ''Glowing in the Darkest Night'' (2010)(2010)
* ''A Color Map of the Sun'' (2013)

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Real name Derek Vincent Smith, Pretty Lights is a popular ElectronicMusic producer from Fort Collins, Colorado. Gaining notoriety beginning in 2006 with the release of his first album ''Taking Up Your Precious Time'', he is known for songs such as "Finally Moving", "Try to Remember", "Hot Like Sauce", "Hot Like Dimes", and "We Must Go On".

Musically, his tracks heavily revolve around {{Sampling}}, from artists such as Akon, Etta James, Aaron Neville, MC Lyte, Music/LedZeppelin, and everything in between. Indeed, according to [[ Who Sampled]] he has no less than nearly ''150 different samples''.

* ''Taking Up Your Precious Time'' (2006)
* ''Filling Up the City Skies'' (2008)
* ''Passing by Behind Your Eyes'' (2009)
* ''Making Up A Changing Mind'' (2010)
* ''Spilling Over Every Side'' (2010)
* ''Glowing in the Darkest Night'' (2010)

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