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* The entire process of courting any of the potential love interests. From starting as a minor interest or an awkward crush, seeing events that give depth to the characters or sweet moments between them, to the first profession of love, and seeing them getting married, even starting a family. It's a lovely, comforting aspect of the games to watch a romance slowly blossom.
** The same can be applied to the rival couples. Seeing the events that allow them to view an old friend or a colleague in a new light and having a happy ending, even if the player didn't choose to court them. Especially since viewing those events can feel like the player is the one that [[TheMatchmaker gets them together]].
* Several later games add a reverse confession, where the love interest will end up confessing their feelings to the player character instead of them taking the initiative.
* Watching the in-game children growing up, including any events that show the child interacting with other villagers or even with their parents.


* The pixel graphics make the kiss between the player character and their bride so cute.
* Eve's event has her grandfather going missing, with the player finding him in the cave and being slightly injured. He roughly shrugs it off, saying that it's nothing, but the really heartwarming part is that Eve openly portrays her worry and love for him. She has her [[StepfordSmiler issues]], but the people dear to her heart are very important to her.


* The festival dances are adorably bouncy.
* Upon marrying a bachelorette, the photo album gets a wedding picture in front of the chapel added to it. And each bachelorette's picture is unique. Popuri gets [[BridalCarry carried]] by the farmer, Ann energetically pulls the farmer along, Karen and the farmer share a blushing kiss, the farmer blushes at Mary in her wedding dress, and he also blushes at Elli smiling at him.

!!VideoGame/HarvestMoonBackToNature[=/=][[VideoGame/HarvestMoonFriendsOfMineralTown (More) Friends Of Mineral Town]]

* The player character remembering the girl/boy they played with as children, when they were visiting their grandfather on his farm. It always turns out to be the one the player chooses to marry. For ''Back to Nature: For Girl'', this was altered to who the man was that saved the player character from drowning.
* Giving Gotz a gift on his birthday. He's rude and very anti-social, but he shows a very nice side when given a small gift on a very special day for him.
** Gotz patrolling the mountain every day because, after losing his wife and son to a storm on the mountain, he wants to ensure that nobody else comes to harm or needs to feel the same grief as him.

!![[VideoGame/HarvestMoonAWonderfulLife Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life/Another Wonderful Life]]

* Nami leaves the valley at the end of Chapter 1, if she's not married. But there's a scene the player can trigger in the other chapters, where Nami returns to the valley and stays for good. Not only does this allow the player to have her there without feeling forced to marry her, for fear of missing out, but the rather shy Nami admitting to Ruby that she came back because she really missed her cooking. And Ruby and Tim tell her that she can stay for free, having already considered her family.
* Depending on how much or little the player has influenced their child, they will grow into an adult and choose to take over the farm or leave the valley to pursue their dream. If they take over the farm, Takakura thinks it's time for him to enjoy some quiet retirement. If not, Takakura keeps the farm running for his good friend.
* The player character telling his wife in the cutscenes before the ending that he still considers her beautiful, even if the years have passed and she doesn't consider herself pretty anymore.

!![[VideoGame/HarvestMoonDS Harvest Moon DS/DS Cute]]

* Contrary to the other rival marriages, Nami and Gustafa seem nothing but happy with each other. They are both free-spirited people and enjoy talking with each other about the places they've travelled to, but also give each other the space each wants and needs, without feeling tied-down.


* The rival couples. Particularly Toby and Renee are a harmonious one, as they never end up bickering with each other, unlike other rival couples.
* The game offers the player to choose from a small list of what they want to say when proposing to their chosen love interest. It's not just the programmed character that says something sweet to the player character, but the player is allowed to choose what romantic thing they want to say back.


* Marrying Alisa, but not being able to have a child with her is actually very sweet. The player character is basically confirming that they are marrying Alisa because they love and respect her -- meaning they also respect her desire to remain a virgin, which is the implication behind why the player can't have a child with her.


* Eda taking care of the player character and quickly taking to them, even considering them, even considering them like a second grandchild of hers. There's also Fritz's relationship with Eda, who lovingly calls her Granny, and often pops in to help her out on her farm.


* While [[{{Tsundere}} Iluka]] doing the whole TwinSwitch thing with her sister, Siluka, in both of their love events may seem strange, but her intentions behind it are always lovely. This is her way of testing the farmer, to see if they really can tell a difference between the twins and that his affection for one of them is genuine.
* The game actually acknowledges the child's non-parental relationships, if they have any. Ginjiro will call them their grandchild, if the player married Komari, and Omiyo and Tsukichi talk about their great-grandson, if the player married Yuzuki.
* The DLC adding an event where the player character's family comes to visit them to meet their spouse. This means that both parents and the little sister arrive, when they are only seen together in the prologue cuts

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