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* In the Peisus Library, you can find a book titled 'How to Impress the Ladies'. In it, you read about a frustrated man's attempt to try to get with women.
-->'''Book's text:''' Wa ha ha. Yeah, I'm laughing at you. The title of the book caught your eye and you picked it up because you have no luck with the females. Am I right or am I right? You know, if there was a sure-fire way to impress the ladies, I'd be first in line to find out what it is! OK, listen up now! Up until now, if you don't count the time I got duped by those triplets, I have never been able to impress a lady even once in my entire life! For this book, I have filled every page with my bitterness, hostility, and frustration with the female persuasion. So you'd better be ready before you turn that page! But first, just let me say this: "When the wind blows, I want you to remember. I want you to remember the guy that got dumped and vanished into the wind. Gosh darn it!"
*During Darc's chapter 4, Delma and the rest of Darc's party decide to look for him, and end up near Yewbell, Kharg's village, after being told about Windalf and Nafia. Cue this hilarious conversation between (primarily) Delma and Volk.
-->'''Delma:''' Yewbell's on the other side of this forest?
-->'''Volk:''' That's right. We're entering the human territories now. Are you all ready? Let's go, then!
-->'''Delma:''' Let's go? Are you crazy? What do you plan to do, march right in?
-->'''Volk:''' I thought we were gonna raid the town and make them tell us where Darc is. You got a better plan?
-->'''Delma:''' You're the last person that should go, Volk.
-->'''Volk:''' Me? Why shouldn't I go?
-->'''Delma:''' If you went, you wouldn't let up until you slaughtered every last human. And we can't afford that kind of attention until after we've found Darc!
-->'''Volk:''' What do you wanna do then?
-->'''Camellia''' I know! We should send just one person, a spy!
-->'''Volk:''' Sounds good! Let me do it.
-->'''Delma:''' (sigh) Look! Not you, Volk!
-->'''Volk:''' Grrr! Why not?!

* Almost anything that comes out of Bebedora's mouth.


* Almost anything that comes out of Bebedora's mouth.mouth.

** Volk and Darc's reactions to the same. They act brainwashed by her ImpossiblyLowNeckline.


** Volk and Darc's reactions to the same. They act brainwashed by her ImpossiblyLowNeckline.ImpossiblyLowNeckline.
* Paulette gives Maru some hilarious LampshadeHanging when they walk onto a snow-covered mountain and Maru complains about being cold.
* Samson makes himself known to Tatjana...who promptly calls him a Circus act. The fact that Samson looks ''down'' at himself after Tatjana says that just makes it all the better.
* Almost anything that comes out of Bebedora's mouth.

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