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* NotStayingForBreakfast: [[spoiler:At the end, after their wedding, Anthony leaves before Cleo wakes up, so that their last moment together can be a beautiful one, rather than having to face the pain of ending.]]

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-> In the summer of 2016 we decided to take a little bit of money and go a long way to tell the story of a young couple on a road trip. The idea was to make a feature length film and then release the trailer for that film in the form of the music video "Sleep on the Floor".

''Sleeping on Floors'' in an unfinished film, made by Isaac Ravishankara and the band Music/TheLumineers. It stars Creator/EliseEberle and Creator/AdamLively.

The film can be found [[ here]]. The cut-down version of it is the music video for [[ Sleep on the Floor]].


* AgentMulder: Levi of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Cleo finds this charmingly eccentric, and has an open mind about it, but does not take him ''seriously'', to his annoyance.
-->'''Levi:''' This is your first time in New Mexico, right?
-->'''Cleo:''' Yeah, completely.
-->'''Levi:''' So you know nothing about the aliens here?
-->'''Tony:''' What?
-->'''Levi:''' Ok, ok, so let me explain. Aliens are real, right? You guys agree?
* TheAllegedCar: They buy the car off Craigslist and pay $400 for it. It has no AC, and they're pretty skeptical on its ability to get to New York.
* TheCameo: The Lumineers appear and play at the house party in Denver.
* DifferingPrioritiesBreakup: They always said they'd get married someday, but Anthony seems to really want to, while Cleo doesn't. [[spoiler:In the end, they break up.]]
* DisappearedDad: Levi's dad is to him.
* DrivingStick: Cleo hasn't driven stick before. Subverted, in that she gets a handle on it pretty quick. Double subverted in that another car trouble follows soon after.
* MetaphoricalMarriage: [[spoiler:They always said they'd get married someday. Upon deciding they they need to break up, they decide to have their wedding right there, tonight, as a sort of one last hurrah. There is no reason to make it legally binding, though.]]
* RoadTripPlot
* WelcomeToTheBigCity: They leave from Lancaster, California, and are bound for New York City. Subverted, in that they only get as far as Denver, Colorado.

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