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''TWO DESTROYERS'' is a novel written by Eric Jackson. The first book is in a completed state and ready for final edits / publishing.

#One without magic;
#One that is an undying abomination;
#One that will cause the destruction of the world of Pange.

When Derrek Graymer finds himself cast into a world of magic, falling suns, and a goddess who grants him the power to cheat death itself, he must find a way to save a world that deems him a monster with nothing more than a rag-tag band drawn together by common threads: the Kingdom of Geldbane, its absentee king and the events surrounding a recent war between Geldbane and the desert nation of Dendarg.

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!!The Main Party
* Derrek Graymer – The Main Character
* Naida Holderin – The Protector
* Tartagin Tolten – The Travelling Priest
* Zammela Glemeis – The Magician Extraordinaire
* Helgando “Hush” Barrington – The Mercenary
* Kristoph Rupandil – The Erdaki Nobleman

!!Supporting Cast

!!The Nations of Pange
* Geldbane -- Fire and Water
** A stalwart nation based on progress and expansion. Geldbane is a Monarchy from the first days of written history in Pange. It is best known for it's sturdy cities and massive population. Their Crest is two dragons, one green one blue.
* Dendarg -- Fire and Wind
** A recluse nation steeped in tradition and honor. Dendarg is a Republic set in the searing desert. They are well known for their unmatched Honor Bounds, master swordsmen known for their skill and temperance alike. Their Crest is a Black Scorpion.
* Erdak -- Wind and Earth
** A once powerful nation sundered by a devastating natural disaster that wiped out a vast majority of it's population. It's people are known for their talent in the arts and natural beauty. Erdaki has become synonymous with grace and beauty.
* Aquan -- Wind and Water
* Norill -- Water and Earth
* Yulos -- Fire and Earth
* Margus -- Earth and Fire

[[folder:Book 1 -- The Two Destroyers]]
The events of the first book span Derrek’s arrival in Geldbane and culminate with his arrival to the City of Water. He meets four of the five individuals that assist him in his quest and three of them join as permanent party members.

!! Tropes:
* FallenHero: Many of the Dimanagulus before Derrek were this.
* FunctionalMagic: All humans in the world of Pange can use magic to a utilitarian level with two elements. It serves as basic technology an convenience in the world as well as some basic living condition improvements.
** Fire: Warmth -- Purification, gets over diseases / ailments
** Water: Sustenance -- Filtration, impurities can be flushed out of liquids.
** Wind: Communication -- Filtration, impurities can be separated from the air.
** Earth: Sustenance -- Hardiness, resists diseases / ailments
* GroundhogDayLoop: When Derrek [[spoiler:dies]], he is sent back to the last goddess statue he passes. This is the primary factor besides his lack of magic that identifies him as a Dimanagul.
* TrappedInAnotherWorld: Derrek is transported to a world called Pange. When the story begins he finds himself in the country of Geldbane.

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