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* Tsubasa Kira in ''Franchise/LoveLive''


* Tsubasa Kira in ''Franchise/LoveLive''''Anime/LoveLive''

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* Ako Udagawa in ''Anime/BangDream''
* Ashe Rufflette Sakuragi in the AnimatedAdaptation of ''VisualNovel/WagamamaHighSpec''

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Megu Sakuragawa (桜川めぐ), born October 24, 1988, is a Japanese singer and voice actor hailing from the Ibaraki Prefecture.
!!Notable roles by Megu Sakuragawa:

* Kazuna Yasuda in ''Anime/IdolIncidents''
* Lumen, Joule, and [[spoiler:Mytyl]] in ''VideoGame/AzureStrikerGunvolt''
* Tsubasa Kira in ''Franchise/LoveLive''

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