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---> Hello, everyone! My name's not important!

Christian Fauteux is a video game reviewer on Youtube. So, you might ask youself if this guy's another [[WebVideo/TheAngryVideoGameNerd AVGN]] ripoff, right?

You'd be wrong.

Not only did he already post reviews [[OlderThanTheyThink before James Rolfe started doing it]] (way back in 2005. James ''did'' make videos in 2004, but took two more years to make it regulary), but he also has a completely different style of reviewing things. Unlike most video game reviewers who just scream in anger about how much the game they review sucks, he more "praises" the shittiness of the games he plays in an enthusiastic voice.

He also makes many Franchise/StarTrek videos, including the series ''Star Trek: The Academy Years''.

His Youtube page is [[ here.]] For his home page Golden Media Studios, click [[ here.]]

!! Tropes

* CausticCritic: Played with. It is clear that he doesn't like them (he actually throws his copy of Aquaman into the sea), but he acts like guys in homeshopping channels who like to sell you the worst of the worst.
* FourPointScale: Used for laughs. His ratings don't make any sense at all, and sometimes, he has categories like "Printed on a disk".
* RunningGag: Saying that his name isn't important.

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