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* Sailor V versus the three Pet Sibling youma, firmly cementing herself as TheJuggernaut:
** Nyan Nyan shows up with an army of cat minions. Sailor V takes them all down, and weakens Nyan Nyan and Artemis, ''with a single attack'' that summons a cloud from Venus' atmosphere diluted enough to just ''stink'' horribly, then punches Nyan Nyan hard enough to kill her and wipes all remains and her minions.
** Wan Wan shows up with an army of dog minions to avenge his sisters, but is sidetracked by Sailor V's [[InTheNameOfTheMoon extremely long speech]]... And that's when Sailor V bypasses his minions entirely screaming of sentencing him to {{Seppuku}} and cutting him down herself with a sword.
** Chuu Chuu, the mosquito youma, has her base on top of a hospital. Sailor V ''climbs it'' the nearby hospital, wipes out the youma and its millions of mosquito youma with Crescent Beam-powered mosquito incense, climbs down, and gets roped by Hikaru into standing under the sun all day during a heat wave to get donations for the hospital. And as it's not enough, ''she had lost at least a whole liter of blood beforehand'': she had first given 200 or 400 cc (the two possible amounts for a blood donation) to a legitimate donation car (and Minako is underage), then, as she was searching for Chuu Chuu, was tricked into donating again by the youma, who took 800 cc of blood before being exposed and retreating to her base. Minako should have been hospitalized for the blood loss... An instead she just drank eight cans of tomato juice and stormed Chuu Chuu base.

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* Minako continuing the fight after the end of the series. The final chapter saw her being forced to kill her true love because he was from the Dark Kingdom, an experience hard enough to break anyone... Yet not only she recovers by the time she's back in Tokyo, the first time we see her in the ''Manga/SailorMoon'' manga she ''hacks Zoisite in a hundred pieces''.

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