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This is discussion archived from a time before the current discussion method was installed.

I'm pretty sure Mojo Jojo wears a glass dome over his brain, not a turban. Like, it can be cracked.

Wiki: Its more like white, striped helmet

Ununnilium: IIRC, it's a turban over a glass dome. `.`

Vampire Buddha: It's a helmet with a turban pattern.

Also, I removed this because it's not true:

originally called "The Whoopass Girls",

fleb: ...Except for how it is? [1] Re-adding.

  • If memory serves (and I used to watch this show every day) the phrase was almost always "Not So Fast Mojo Jojo". "Not So Fast Him" and "Not So Fast Fuzzy Lumpkins" don't ring any bells.

Lale: I do distinctly remember, "Not so fast, bad guys!", "Not so fast, Roach Coach!", and "Not so fast, Gangreen Gang!"


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