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Sines: Should this page have a page quote? The "Space the Final Frontier" narration from star trek seems an appropriate choice.

Drop Dead Gorgias: What is the name for a similar trope, but the words are printed on screen instead of spoken, like the new Battlestar Galactica, in which every episode opens with "The Cylons attacked, They Look And Feel Human, blah blah blah".

Gus: Those are "Title Cards", from the vaudeville tradition, which were brought into use by the early silent movies.

Drop Dead Gorgias: So... Title Cards, then?

Looney Toons: Works for me, as long as you note that they're used for actual episode titles, too, as well as transitions. (I think Frasier does the latter?)

Looney Toons: Smapti... you wrote "and at least one of the 2005 film adaptations" when referring to War of the Worlds. There was more than one film of Wot W in 2005?

Ununnilium: Actually, yes:

Red Shoe: There were, I think, three. C. Thomas Howell was in one as well. And, of course, the TV Series first season was released on DVD. It was quite the year for War of the Worlds fans.

Looney Toons: Wow. I had no clue.

Umptyscope: How is Xena not in here?

TMNT is a rare film example, giving a very vague intro sequence explaining who the Turtles are without even giving away exactly what continuity this is (til the end of the film.) ... and then a double whammy giving the villains' backstory right after.. or was it before.


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