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This is discussion archived from a time before the current discussion method was installed.

Adam850: Isn't this called ADR in most productions?

Morgan Wick: Which we already have an entry for?

Ununnilium: Yep. Will merge and Cut List.

Fast Eddie: ADR had the better write up.

Adam850: in the LOTR example, "noise of the fans", is this the sound of electric air fans, or a crowd of fans yelling?


Umptyscope: I thought we already had something in here about redubbing cuss words for, say, broadcast tv. If not, I suggest these two examples — "Hand me the keys, you fairy godmother," (The Usual Suspects), "you melon farmer!" (Repo Man.)

Haven: I know I've seen this entry, but can't remember what it was. Maybe it's This Trope is [BLEEP]? Also, what is a "Milk The Giant Cow situation"?

Furi Kuri:
Thunderball, the second James Bond film
Actually, From Russia With Love is the second. Not sure which one is being referred to here, though.


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