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Lyssie: Not that Belkar isn't a vicious little sociopath who would take joy in continuing to beat a fallen opponent, but is the Order of the Stick example given, with him stabbing a dead goblin in the face, really a true example of this trope? Just prior to that, he'd worked himself up to a big fight and showing off his awesomeness, only to be immediately and dramatically outclassed by Durkon. It was less about kicking the enemy while they were down, and more about trying to recover the sad, limp shreds Durkon had just made of his ego.

Slacker Spice: Am I the only one who doesn't consider the end of Kung Fu Panda an example of Kick Them While They Are Down, especially since Tai Lung still managed to get up and tried to take one last swing at Po in spite of his beating, even though it didn't work. Darn that Wuxi fingerhold!

Sisyphus: "The Inheritance Tri... Cycle." That's it. From now on, I am calling it the Inheritance Tricycle.


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