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This is discussion archived from a time before the current discussion method was installed.

Deus Ex Biotica: I know this a little hypocritical, since I never got around to correcting the errors from when I saved a draft of the first episode, but... it's been weeks with only a few lines added every several days. Would you mind if someone else ended this episode so the mock-series can go on?

Rothul: Oh, not at all. Admittedly I thought this was a group effort from the beginning, and the only reason the last couple of "episodes" were so good is that OSI was there to take over when they had a good idea {which I thought was the standard). For future reference, though, is there a usual way for how this is supposed to work? I'm a bit new to the AATAFVS aspect of the wiki, (which I suppose is why I started messing around with Punisher's Song in the first place to learn the way).

Deus Ex Biotica: Actually, I'm pretty new to it as well, but I thought each person generally wrote an episode, and the another wrote the next, and so on. I suppose both are valid, though.

OSI: If I had to pick, I suppose I'd favor the open drop-in approach, which seems to make for tighter collaboration and a more inclusive atmosphere. The downside, as D Ex B points out, is that slow periods crop up when no single person is responsible for making sure an episode gets finished.

Mjb: I'd like to note that the episode is breaking length records, and it may be advisable to split off into the next one.


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