Reviews: The Brave Little Toaster

Brave Little toaster Goes to Mars-So Bad it's great

This movie is fucking insane. The plot has a hearing aid wanting to go to mars, but this light picks up a baby instead, so a toaster, a radio, a lamp, and a vaccum use a fan go to mars. Upon getting there, they meet a giant fridge who, with the help of milatiry toasters, is going to blow up the earth

No, really

and that's why i love this movie. it's so freaking insane, and stupid that it's great to make fun of. it's full of plot holes (and stuff that makes science cry) and cheesy moments that make it so much fun to riff on

While, "To the rescue" continues the story in a good way, this is just insane crap that makes no sense. and that's why i love. Check it out

Will always have a special place in my heart.

This movie was a large part of my childhood. I recently rediscovered and rewatched it, and there was SO MUCH I missed as a kid, it's crazy. I might love it even MORE now.

I wish I could go into great detail about how much I love this movie, but the character limit won't let me. So, I'll just say this: The Brave Little Toaster has something for everyone. Kids AND adults. Despite the title and the fact that it's about talking appliances, it's one of the best movies of the eighties. If you like Pixar's movies, then I definately recommend watching this one. It has the Pixar feel to it.

The story is great, the humor is fantastic, the music is great ("It's A B-Movie", I'm lookin' at you), and the characters are extremely likeable. Radio is a Motor Mouth who avoids "annoying" territory by bein' HILARIOUS, Toaster seems like the perfect idealistic hero, but actually has flaws, Kirby, one of the first non-romantic Tsunderes in existance, is hard not to love, and Lampy is a perfect example of "dumb, but not TOO dumb". There have been many people I've seen who have thought that Blanky is annoying, but I actually think he's adorable (even though I'd say he's my least-favorite of the bunch).

However, I'd like to put a special mention to Lampy, my favorite character. Whenever I think of TBLT, he's the first thing that comes to my mind. He's ditzy and slow, but proves himself to be quite smart in some situations. He's really funny, and is possibly the bravest character in the series next to Toaster. I'll always have a soft spot for him, because when I first watched the movie at seven...I'll admit...I was crushing on him SO HARD! And to this day, that desk lamp is one of my favorite movie characters ever.

Dang it, I'm runnin' outta, so I'll end it off by sayin' that, even though this review is of the first movie, I'll mention the sequels too. I love To The Rescue almost as much as the first movie! Goes To Mars, well...meh, it's OK, and it has its moments,'s not as good as the other two. The sequels are very underrated and really deserve some more love.

Overall, TBLT is amazing in every way, and if you saw it as a kid and DIDN'T like it, watch it again now. You'll see a different side of it that you couldn't see as a kid.

Simply beutifull

I strongly recomend this animated movie.

By animation standards, the animation is relatively mediocre (when compared, for instance, with other masterpieces of the time like Don Bluth's movies), but strangely maybe thats what gives the movie its charismatic appeal. You don't need a tremendously good animation to give the story depth, and the sheer emotion present in the music numbers and scenes is alone enough to make some tears shed from the eyes of this troper. Its almost ridiculous to see how much feeling and emotion is placed into a movie with an animation that works more for animated series than for movies. The Animation Age Ghetto, no mattter how opressive, didn't got this movie.

Overall, 10/10.

I didn't enjoy the sequels though.