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Simply beutifull
I strongly recomend this animated movie.

By animation standards, the animation is relatively mediocre (when compared, for instance, with other masterpieces of the time like Don Bluth's movies), but strangely maybe thats what gives the movie its charismatic appeal. You don't need a tremendously good animation to give the story depth, and the sheer emotion present in the music numbers and scenes is alone enough to make some tears shed from the eyes of this troper. Its almost ridiculous to see how much feeling and emotion is placed into a movie with an animation that works more for animated series than for movies. The Animation Age Ghetto, no mattter how opressive, didn't got this movie.

Overall, 10/10.

I didn't enjoy the sequels though.


Agreed 100% percent.
comment #4895 ManBearPig1000 24th Oct 10

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