Reviews: Detentionaire

An intelligent, well written show that is loved by all!

"Detentionaire" is proof that there are still good shows being made. It has a creative plot, seriously when have you last heard of a show set in high school like this, good characters, no filler, it isn't episodic, it's Canadian and the best part is you might not be seeing some of twists coming. Some you might. SPOILER I'm pretty sure we all figured out that Victoria was a villain in the first episode because she wasn't covered in prank goop. SPOILER DONE

Now I've heard some complaints and most of them are from people who clearly just watched the first episode and declared it bad. Really, guys? You watch the first episode and call it bad without seeing the rest?

The first complaint is that the name of our protagonist and hero Lee Ping is racist. First things first, "Lee" is an English name and according to [[ Word of God]] his parents have English names too: Alfred and Sue. "Ping" is an Asian name and that can't be considered racist because if you haven't noticed the guy is of Asian ancestry and sure "Lee" sounds like "Li" but that is pure coincidence.

Then there is the [[Strangled by the Red String]] complaint about Lee and Tina. Yeah, here is the laconic definition for [[Strangled by the Red String]]: "Two characters suddenly fall in love with only a flimsy explanation (or no explanation) as to how it happened." Lee and Tina have had a crush on each other since the tenth grade and you can see the two become closer as the series goes on.

Now that the complaints are out of the way what do I have to say about the show? Now it is listed under comedy on Nelvana's website but it has more than just comedy, there is Drama, mystery, action, adventure, romance, sic-fi, possibly some fantasy involving the Amazing Finnwich so basically there is something for everyone!

The characters never feel like one can just take the other's spot. Why is that? It is because the characters are all individualized with personalities, appearances, everything about individuality is done right and the cliques are even memorable. They never seem like a copy of another.

I look forward to the third and fourth seasons that will be coming. The story isn't over yet. There is more greatness to come!