Reviews: Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines

A really good game, but I wish it had been longer

I have heard about this game after watching a review of it on Atop the Fourth Wall, and since playing a blood-sucking creature of the night has always been something appealing to me, it wasn't long before I found a way to get the game. Now I have played it, finished, and frankly, I am glad I did. This is definitely one of my favourite RPGs, along with Dragon Age and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines is a great game, and got me really interested in the World of Darkness. The various vampire clans you can play are all distinct and original, and can genuinely change the way you have to play, rather than just being cosmetic. The characters are fun and memorable, and some of them are really well-developped (the Voerman sisters deserving a special mention). The game is dark yet funny, finding a good balance between horror and humor. And while I can understand some players being frustrated by the final parts being mostly fight, I personally did enjoy fighting through armies of enemies.

I do, however, have some complain. Mainly about how long the game is.

I heard the game was released unfinished, and it kinda shows. While I did install the unofficial patch to correct most of the flaws, and I really did enjoy playing, in the end I felt like it ended too fast, and unlike Skyrim, there is no Playable Epilogue. This left me kinda underwhelmed, feeling like I was missing part of the game. Frankly, I am sad Troika had to close, because I really would have liked an extension, or at least a sequel.

Regardless, it's still a really good game, and I highly recommand it to any vampire fan.

Definitely worth the money

You are one of the damned, a newly embraced vampire who must survive in a time where three major vampire factions are tearing at each others' throats with you caught in the middle. How do you plan to make a new life for yourself? Will you continue to hold onto your humanity as a Friendly Neighborhood Vampire? Or do you give in to your newfound powers and tear through anything that gets in your way be it humans or other Kindred?

There are several strong points in this game, the first being the story. You have a variety of choices availible to you throughout the game whether it is dealing with a certain character or trying to complete a mission. You can kill a person for threatening the Masquerade or you can persuade (verbally or through the use of Disciplines) him to leave the area and never come back. You can rush into a battleground like the Terminator and cut down all in your path or you can screw around with your enemies by sneaking through the level picking them off one by one.

The game is also a masterful blend of horror and humor. The infamous Ocean House Hotel level gives us a brief but memorable psychological horror level while the warrens gives us a level filled with jump scares as twisted beasts rush at you to tear you apart. However, the game itself is filled with humorous dialogue whether it is persuading a loud and obnoxious food critic that he's eating maggots or finding yourself arguing with a stop sign. The game has a good balance of comedy and horror, making you laugh several times in the game but never letting you forget that you are in the Crapsack World that is the old World Of Darkness.

This is definitely a game that people should play, especially if they are fans of vampires. The game gives you several choices of vampires to play as, each one giving the player a different feel of the game with their unique abilities and handicaps. Do you want to be a Nosferatu that skulks in the sewers like a nightmare waiting to spring out, a Toreador who moves among humans like the most elite of artisans, or a Gangrel that embodies the savagery of beasts? It's all here in the World Of Darkness.