Reviews: Trio The Punch

Bizarre, nonsensical, yet oddly compelling

Honest statements: this game is bad. It's a Beat 'em Up that apparently forgot how to actually handle things like hit detection or difficulty curves, and it throws in the contents of an absinthe-fueled fever dream for visuals and plot to boot. It comes very close to being a playable Deranged Animation at times because of its sheer lack of coherence and the sudden jump in art styles between levels.

So what redeeming features does this surreal, questionably playable game have to its name? Well, it's got a few decent sprites, the occasional bit of neat music, and might provide a few laughs on the way just from the sheer insanity involved. If it had sequels, it might've even been a Widget Series.

It does actually do one thing quite well. It illustrates that attempting to invoke So Bad, It's Good intentionally is probably better done through a more passive medium rather than an interactive one. Thanks to its various gameplay issues, Trio The Punch is a pain to play, but watching someone else suffer through the madness is oddly entertaining. This is quite similar to how a viewer can enjoy a I Wanna Be the Guy playthrough without having the motivation to play the game themselves.

Trio The Punch is an almost dadaist exercise in video game design, infamous more for its bizarre content and comical mediocrity than its inherent quality as a game. Play it if you really want to experience its surreal and somewhat frustrating nature firsthand, but you would honestly not be missing out on anything if you just watch a playthrough instead.