Reviews: Heta Oni

Much better in a non-interactive medium

As videos, or even doujinshi adaptations, this is a fine story. But as an actual game? There's too much of the characters talking and so little gameplay (battles and finding items) that there's barely any player involvement. The characters do most of the figuring-out-puzzles stuff that essentially, all you're doing is moving them from point A to point B to get the story moving. If you play the English translation you'll soon find yourself skipping through the dialogue because there's just so much. Pray that you don't die in a battle because if you do, when you reload that save file you're going to have to go through all that text again.


Heta Oni is one out of two fanworks that made me cry. My sister said I had a heart of stone, when I didn't cry during a movie we watched. Heta Oni is tearjerking series that will run your heart through a wood chipper. Yet, it will also make you laugh and smile. Definatley WATCH IT! It shows Italy ( and quite frankly everyone) in a new light.

Mahou Shounen Italia Magica?

Okay, I usually tearjerker fanworks like the plague, since most of the time they're concentrated Narm but this one... Just...

I honestly see it drawing several paralells to Puella Magi Madoka Magica, which really just lead me to draw Italy in Homura's dress to get over the sad.

Overall, I really reccommend it.


I have to admit, I normally don't get overly upset/scared over things.

But this game. Argh.

I have since discovered a fear of scary games (I tried playing Call of Duty - the one with the zombies, I'm not an expert - and seriously just couldn't do it.)

When I first started playing, I literally would just quit in the middle of a random chase because the soundtrack and Steve are creepy as all hell. (Why did they have to add the random chases, goddammit?)

I'm afraid it didn't make me cry. But, it made me come close, and for that I commend the creator/s because I have a heart of stone. It did make me laugh on several occasions, though, especially when Spain came in.

The soundtrack - generally cool, the some of the battle music is awesome and the track for when Steve's around genuinely creeps me out.

I don't really mind the OOC-ness of the characters - it's minor and for Italy it's justified, as it is for the others after they start breaking clocks.

For someone playing the game without guidance, it can be a bit confusing as some of the things you have to go to to advance in the game are pretty hard to find. Also, it tends to seem more like just following the storyline than being able to seriously affect it as you can do in some other games.

All in all, it's an awesome game with lots of awesome fanwork, though sometimes I wish there were more, though that may just be the anything-Hetalia-related obsession that I'm currently going through.

One Helluva Tear Jerker

To just start off, I have to give kudos to the creator for making such a realistic horror type game using personifications of countries as characters. I haven't seen much of the anime it's based on so I don't know how OOC some of the characters are at times, but for the most part people say they're fairly accurate, so I'll take their word for it.

Now I won't exactly spoil anything, but our poor countries go through A LOT of abuse through this romp of a horror RPG, especially Italy and England. However, what abuse they go through I'll leave you to find out.

Battles are played out a la Final Fantasy, with each character/enemy having an ATB gauge, and it's their turn when the gauge fills up. However, most enemies offer very meager experience, so your characters will stay at their given level through the entire game. My only complaint is that there are a lot of battles that are not directly fought, only seen, and sometimes you can fight the monsters off and sometimes you have to run from them. It doesn't make a ton of sense to me, and being a battle crazed psycho I'd have loved for more battles to be in this game.

Finally, I have to say that the music in this game is PHENOMENAL, especially the battle themes, which I find simply amazing. I even listen to them outside of playing the game.

In conclusion, if this game had been completely finished and there were less battles that were only watched, I'd love it even more. As it stands I'd give it five stars, as the only blemish to this game is that there simply isn't an ending.

There are NO WORDS for this!

Hetaoni is an INCREDIBLE series! It has a little bit of everything, comedy, drama, horror, know, something for everybody. To be serious though, it is a very well-written series, and the characterization is interesting (even though some characters are just a little OOC at times, for the most part, they're pretty in character).

As for the story itself, it is genuinely tear-jearking, despite using characters that were originally from a comedy series. However, given the nature of the characters themselves, as anthropomorphich (butchered spelling) countries, I guess the point of Hetalia being a comedy (for the most part...) is moot. Still, many of us have grown to really love these characters, and watching them be slowly hunted down HURTS. It's even worse when you realize that ITALY, sweet, cheerful, afraid-of-everything Italy, has been WATCHING THEM DIE FOR YEARS IN THE HOPE TO SAVE THEIR LIVES. Even worse then that, is to watch him slowly lose both his memories and (we assume) his sanity. To watch a character like that just slowly break, is really REALLY painful, even if you aren't a big fan.

Truth-be-told though, I didn't really cry that least, I didn't until it was noted that Italy was losing memories ("When did I first meet Germany? What was the alliance that bound us together? And, when I was young...I made a promise to somebody, didn't I?" made me BAWL). From then on, I was in tears at the most dramatic scenes, which are all very well written. The most popular (read, most talked-about, written-about, and drawn) death scene, Italy's, is, on its own, VERY VERY well-done, and really makes the viewer's heart shatter.

I could on for a long time about the "game" but, I'll finish quickly. There aren't many flaws, save a few plot holes (DOOR+WEAPONS=ESCAPE), and the derpy icons (which were done away with, thankfully). As for other things, the sound-track is pretty good, and the gameplay's fun to watch too. If anything though, what this series is really good for, is artistic fuel. This series alone has produced so much beautiful fan-work. Go ahead and type in "Heta Oni" on Deviant Art sometime, you'll find some really good stuff. Overall though, I enjoyed it, and, admitted, have written a few fics about it, and I recommend it; just be sure to bring tissues.

I swear a fanfic must be made for this fanfic

Heta Oni. One word of this is AMAZING! If you are curious as to what this is, it's best to become oriented with the show first before watching this. Watch a few episodes, or even little extracts of the episodes to become orientated with the characters.

Heta Oni's story is so well thought out and the characters (our lovables) are so well fleshed out and then warped into a new version of thier characters really gets to you, and shows us the audience how serious the situation is an it's effects on the characters involved in it (and us fans). Thsi story is really effective in expressing when the worst comes to worst, it brings out the best in humanity. It also hints to us the breakdowns within people when the worst comes, and the pains it must be when it comes to immortality, and almost, trying to play god and resist fate. What seems to be the crux of the story is the fact that everyone wants to save everyone's lives, only to either fail or lose thier lives themselves. Depressing and reminds me of Wars, all is lost and all will lose.

The music creeps the hell out of me, and keeps me on my toes at night when I go to the bathroom (yes, and with my emergency supplies and weapon of choice: Strong perfume), and expecting to leave the bathroom with the evil alien (which some call him Steve. Why?) waiting outside for me. And the dramatic scenes, plus music, of Italy's death and the death of the others really makes me bawl out crying 'WHY WHY WHY WHY?!!!?? WHAT DOES THIS MEAN??!!!! WHIIIIIIIYYYYY??" (embarassing too when my parents and siblings come in and see me bawling out when I sually don't bawl in other typical tear jerker movies.). I am sure if you are a Hetalia fan gal or even better, a Hetalia Yaoi Gal, you'd burst out crying till soda and coke stark leaking from all sides.

From this incredible fanfic/fangame (Is it a real game? Anyone?) there should be fanfics of this fanfic. Seriously. Some of us fans just want the characters to be put out of misery, and that may be possible with fanfic ideas and fanfic stuff. I think from this, we should dub Heta Oni as a Hetalia series in itself.


Hetaoni is amazing. It's interesting to watch/play and it kinda makes you think. But, warning, it's a real tear jerker. Especially if you've seen the anime it's based on , Hetalia. If that be the case, you'll be watching your favorite characters die. But the tear jerker parts the only downside ,really. But through exciting battles and mysteries it ends up as a real good story.


Wow. Okay, given it takes a few episodes to warm up, after around Part Five, it's all up from there. Given you're a Hetalia fan- like most horror/tragedy type stories it relies on pathos with the characters. With both things in mind, it's fricken' amazing. The plot hints dropped here and there will keep you guessing, it's highly unpredictable, and gosh... The tragic scenes will have you bawling and yelling at the screen. It adds so much more depth to the characters, especially "cowardly Italy". It gets you wondering as you watch- What's up with those memories? Why did Italy have an almost Chess Master-y monologue right there? What's Russia planning? The music only adds to the emotions of it. The epic battle themes, the heart-wrenching piano solos, the creepy-as-all-get-out scare chords... and, holy carp, the annexe theme! I definitely recommend it!

"How many more times...?"

DEFINATELY worth a look

Heta Oni, despite being a fanmade game, and some of the character portraits being Derptastic, the story and dialogue is well written, though there are points where characters act a tad bit Out-Of-Character, but with whats going on around them, its relatively justified. The story take a couple episodes, around episode 4-5, the story just starts snowballing into a glorious trainwreck of "What the hell is going on?" and later on, jerking as many tears outta you until your head starts hurting. If you are not a Hetalia fan, however, i don't think you should take a look, because much of the emotion behind the story, as well as many of the jokes, puns, etc are tied closely with Hetalia's characters. So if you dislike Hetalia, you probably won't like this. Hetalia fans, I have to say, need to look at this, it gives the Characters of Hetalia a bit more depth, and not to mention its an Emotional Rollercoaster that is enjoyable to ride. So hop in, why don'tcha?