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Reviews Comments: Holy-! Heta Oni whole series review by cloud9cuckoolander

Wow. Okay, given it takes a few episodes to warm up, after around Part Five, it's all up from there. Given you're a Hetalia fan- like most horror/tragedy type stories it relies on pathos with the characters. With both things in mind, it's fricken' amazing. The plot hints dropped here and there will keep you guessing, it's highly unpredictable, and gosh... The tragic scenes will have you bawling and yelling at the screen. It adds so much more depth to the characters, especially "cowardly Italy". It gets you wondering as you watch- What's up with those memories? Why did Italy have an almost Chess Master-y monologue right there? What's Russia planning? The music only adds to the emotions of it. The epic battle themes, the heart-wrenching piano solos, the creepy-as-all-get-out scare chords... and, holy carp, the annexe theme! I definitely recommend it!

"How many more times...?"


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