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Reviews Comments: DEFINATELY worth a look Heta Oni whole series review by Dimwitt

Heta Oni, despite being a fanmade game, and some of the character portraits being Derptastic, the story and dialogue is well written, though there are points where characters act a tad bit Out-Of-Character, but with whats going on around them, its relatively justified. The story take a couple episodes, around episode 4-5, the story just starts snowballing into a glorious trainwreck of "What the hell is going on?" and later on, jerking as many tears outta you until your head starts hurting. If you are not a Hetalia fan, however, i don't think you should take a look, because much of the emotion behind the story, as well as many of the jokes, puns, etc are tied closely with Hetalia's characters. So if you dislike Hetalia, you probably won't like this. Hetalia fans, I have to say, need to look at this, it gives the Characters of Hetalia a bit more depth, and not to mention its an Emotional Rollercoaster that is enjoyable to ride. So hop in, why don'tcha?


  • JenKunoichi351
  • 25th Feb 11
I wouldn't say that non Hetalia fans should steer clear. I actually tried to get my brother into the regular series and he didn't really give a damn, but he's currently as hooked as I am with Heta Oni. The story doesn't allude too much to the fact that they're nations too, so I say that it's all a matter of story preference.
  • Karalora
  • 2nd Jun 11
One of the things I like about it is that it takes some of the most prominent running gags in the series—Canada's invisibility, Italy's surrender flags, etc.—and puts a horrific, tragic, or suspenseful twist on them. There were several times where I started to laugh, but then stopped and went "No, wait, that wasn't funny! Oh, God!" Fortunately, the recurring theme of "Trust your friends to share your burdens with you" ensures that there's plenty of C Mo H to counterbalance all the Nightmare Fuel and Tear Jerker moments.

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