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Reviews Comments: I swear a fanfic must be made for this fanfic Heta Oni fanfic review by thelonelyangel

Heta Oni. One word of this is AMAZING! If you are curious as to what this is, it's best to become oriented with the show first before watching this. Watch a few episodes, or even little extracts of the episodes to become orientated with the characters.

Heta Oni's story is so well thought out and the characters (our lovables) are so well fleshed out and then warped into a new version of thier characters really gets to you, and shows us the audience how serious the situation is an it's effects on the characters involved in it (and us fans). Thsi story is really effective in expressing when the worst comes to worst, it brings out the best in humanity. It also hints to us the breakdowns within people when the worst comes, and the pains it must be when it comes to immortality, and almost, trying to play god and resist fate. What seems to be the crux of the story is the fact that everyone wants to save everyone's lives, only to either fail or lose thier lives themselves. Depressing and reminds me of Wars, all is lost and all will lose.

The music creeps the hell out of me, and keeps me on my toes at night when I go to the bathroom (yes, and with my emergency supplies and weapon of choice: Strong perfume), and expecting to leave the bathroom with the evil alien (which some call him Steve. Why?) waiting outside for me. And the dramatic scenes, plus music, of Italy's death and the death of the others really makes me bawl out crying 'WHY WHY WHY WHY?!!!?? WHAT DOES THIS MEAN??!!!! WHIIIIIIIYYYYY??" (embarassing too when my parents and siblings come in and see me bawling out when I sually don't bawl in other typical tear jerker movies.). I am sure if you are a Hetalia fan gal or even better, a Hetalia Yaoi Gal, you'd burst out crying till soda and coke stark leaking from all sides.

From this incredible fanfic/fangame (Is it a real game? Anyone?) there should be fanfics of this fanfic. Seriously. Some of us fans just want the characters to be put out of misery, and that may be possible with fanfic ideas and fanfic stuff. I think from this, we should dub Heta Oni as a Hetalia series in itself.


  • MysticSongbird
  • 11th May 12
Actually, I heard about somebody who's working on a novelization of the series. Also, as for actual fan-fic, well, they do exist; they're just scattered all over the internet. I know I've made one but, I don't want to put it on here without careful editing (after all, I want to stay close to the canon of the original story) actually, I've made a few, one of which involving the Doctor...but, that's not important. As for your other questions: the name "Steve" comes from the joke "Tony's cousin Steve" due to the resemblance, and possible a case of "Fluffy the terrible". And, also, there's an English demo of the game that you can find on Deviant Art, I've seen Let's Plays, and it's pretty well-done. So, yeah, I ope I got all of that down for ya...but, I agree, I don't like watching them suffer. Worse stuff in history or not, NOBODY deserves to have to go through this! NOBODY. AT. ALL.

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