Reviews: Thunder Birds

Who says the puppets were the weak point?!

MmmKay? here, with my personal look into what I think is the best marionette series of all time! Thunderbirds was an interesting little television series, although I've only been recently introduced to it a few years ago. I thought it was fantastic, stupendous, and... dare I say... F.A.B.! I've seen other review which state that the puppets were either the blah point of the series, or a disasterous decision on the Anderson's behalf. Well, I never have either of those feelings; it's almost as if I've been teleported to another world whenever I watch the marionettes in action, a world where it's acceptable that a man made of plastic, wood, and glass can live a stringed life. Uncanny Valley rarely effects me when I watch the show, indeed many of the puppets are not only interesting to look at, but I've developed a crush on a few of them, especially Tracy brother Scott, who looks like the young Sean Connery (What's not to love?). I love Supermarionation with all my heart, and would love to thank the Andersons for pioneering it, even if they weren't quite willing to do so in the first place.

Nostalga that stands the test of time.

When I was a little kid I loved this show. I watch it on The BBC after school and it was just as entertaining to me as it had been to my parents when first aired. Having shown it to my young cousin I can attest that it is just as entertaining now.

The Thunderbirds are just awesome vehicles. Sleek, smooth and awesome. The stories too are very good, mostly protagonist-free, although The Hood, when he does appear, is a wonderful villain, a little steriotyped but driven by that purest of motives, MONEY.

The actual pupetry, or the Supermarination, is the weak point in this show, no matter what they try the most convincing movement they ever produced was when Lady P. was tied to a chair and moved it by rocking. After a while they just stop trying and have the puppets bounce along.

The vehicle scenes are easily the best, the models are varied and interesting and look highly real. You believe that they can do what they claim they can do.

The characters, with the odd exeption of Kirano, are all highly credible to me, for all that I find John bland and Alan whiney. The stories and emergancies too are interesting and inventive, although one or two do make me wonder how stupid some people really are.

In short, well worth watching, even as an adult. Great for kids.