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Reviews Comments: Who says the puppets were the weak point?! Thunderbirds whole series review by Mmm Kay?

MmmKay? here, with my personal look into what I think is the best marionette series of all time! Thunderbirds was an interesting little television series, although I've only been recently introduced to it a few years ago. I thought it was fantastic, stupendous, and... dare I say... F.A.B.! I've seen other review which state that the puppets were either the blah point of the series, or a disasterous decision on the Anderson's behalf. Well, I never have either of those feelings; it's almost as if I've been teleported to another world whenever I watch the marionettes in action, a world where it's acceptable that a man made of plastic, wood, and glass can live a stringed life. Uncanny Valley rarely effects me when I watch the show, indeed many of the puppets are not only interesting to look at, but I've developed a crush on a few of them, especially Tracy brother Scott, who looks like the young Sean Connery (What's not to love?). I love Supermarionation with all my heart, and would love to thank the Andersons for pioneering it, even if they weren't quite willing to do so in the first place.


  • Reg Shoe
  • 17th Jan 10
The only problem with the puppets is their inability to walk right. Captain Scarlet manages it better.
  • MmmKay?
  • 29th Jan 10
Captain Scarlet doesn't show the walks at all. I thought Supercar did pretty well with the walk cycles sometimes. I think the real problem behind the walks was improper control of the legs and non-bending ankles.

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