Tropers / MmmKay?

Welcome to the place where it (kinda) all started; MmmKay's TV Tropes page. I thought this website was so cool once, but then I realized that it was just one website out of hundreds, and I kinda shied away from this place, especially as I realized how stupid I behaved on this website. I continued my stupidity onto DeviantArt (under the username of GigaCake-MmmKay), sharing my innermost secrets and thoughts with people that I probably shouldn't have. While you'd expect me to say that I've grown up and learned from my mistakes, I don't think that I'll stop making mistakes, as that's how learning is done. I have come to accept my past, and while I'm still awfully sour about what I've done, I know that if I dwell on it, I cannot grow as a person.

I may not be the most active troper around here, mostly because I'm ashamed of my edit history (me trying to force funny WMGs into the Thunderbirds for example, complete with simulated Natter. D'oh!), but I'm still a troper because of my interest and dedication to tropes and troping, as well as my love of media of all kinds. If you want to find more of me, and find more of my work, check out the following...

As I was a little too spilling with my previous description list, I'll just say that if you want to know more about me, just check out the pages and you'll know all there reasonably is to know. Any questions you like to ask (other than "What kind of sick expletive are you?!) you can direct to my other websites. While I'm not happy, I'm content, and if you're concerned about anything, note me through my other websites, mmmkay?