Reviews: The Remains

  • Mazz
  • 10th Mar 11
  • 0

Not for someone looking for happy endings, but a worthy read

A Dark Fic, but surprisingly non-graphic considering the amount of Psychological Horror elements it uses. It's set after the fall of Voldemort in DH, but with some AU elements, like certain individuals being still alive.

The Wizarding World is clamoring for Harry Potter's blood after he murders the Dursleys in cold-blood. Things get worse from there.

It uses mind screws cleverly, both the ones you notice right away and the ones you only realize after Fridge Horror kicks in.

It really messes with the readers expectations; despite the bleak setting there are some hope spots -and by that point you'll feel like you should know better than to believe them, but probably won't be able to help yourself.

There is a moment when Snape behaves in a very impulsive way, which I didn't agree very much with considering the insane amounts of self preservation instincts the man has, but it fit in with the mood of the moment decently enough. The rest of his behavior is remarkably in-character.

Without spoiling anything, even if you see the resolution coming, the reasons behind everything are interesting and scary (although I doubt Petunia was truly capable of sinking so low, the characters involved all reacted so believably in-character that I bought it), because after the Harry-Voldemort elements the books threw our way, I think things could have gone in a similar way if Diabolus Ex Machina had sneezed nearby. (And, uh, you know. If the book series wasn't aimed at a young mainstream audience and so a Happy Ending or at least a non-negative resolution was expected.)