Reviews: The Best Revenge

Good but not without flaws

Good: Very good prose in my opinion. Fleshing out of OC's, it's a fun read in general. Not overly fact, it's almost the opposite.

Bad: Problems are resolved way too easily, there's very little lasting conflict in this story, it's a feel-good tale. Prepare for a LOT of Draco in Leather Pants of Snape.


Not the best story ever (the problems are fixed a bit too neatly), but does a good job of showing how Harry and Snape's relationship would be different if they had met under better circumstances.
  • Mazz
  • 11th Dec 11
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ridiculously optimistic but worth it

Nearly every problem in the books is solved in one way or another, some characters are straddling the line between In Character and Out of Character, if not outright crossing it, and it's kind of ridiculous how almost every character gets a happy ending (one character technically gets TWO happy endings), but if you suspend your disbelief willingly, it's still a very nice read.

Snape, one of the main characters, and so, the most noticeable in this aspect, is at times out of character -which is kind of necessary to make the premise of him bonding with Harry work-, but it's still very satisfying to see him defending and protecting Harry, along with other adults, and encouraging a better atmosphere in the school, after the messes that Fridge Horror points out actually went on in Hogwarts in canon. It's even vindicating, you could say.

Both this fic and its sequel close the story very nicely, leaving you with a nice, warm, fuzzy feeling.