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Reviews Comments: Good writing, but too saccharine for my taste. The Best Revenge fanfic review by Long Live Humour

I enjoyed the first chapter-and-a-half, but upon meeting Harry, Snape drifts rapidly out of character. His confrontation with Petunia, while satisfying, is clearly what the author (and every other reader through the years) wanted to say to Petunia, and is completely at odds with Snape\'s usual voice. His kindness to Harry is implausible: bitterness like Snape\'s does not vanish overnight, even if it\'s no longer directed at Harry personally.

The writing is good and visual, with some interesting concepts, so if you have a high tolerance for sugar you might still enjoy this. I had to give up at Gringotts, when Snape makes an unprovoked pun.


  • Charsi
  • 6th Aug 17
I felt it believable, assuming he saw his childhood self in Harry and wanted to give him the help he should have gotten himself and he was still his grumpy, snarky self until the Burbages' sweetness worked hard on him.

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