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Reasonable Explanation
Nin Tech is one hilarious crack fic in disguise as an alt fic. Naruto is an insane Mad Scientist, complete with his own evil lair where Science! happens. No, not science, but Science! You can literally hear the capitalization and the exclamation mark. Plus he has minions who are Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi and every other person that Naruto manages to corrupt, so pretty much everybody, and is powerful, but not godly-Kage-overpowered powerful. Instead, Naruto actually has to work for his arsenal and there is genuine character development involved. It even provides a reasonable explanation for the random bits of technology that pops up in the Narutoverse. You all know what I'm taking about, why are there TV's when the rest of the place could be described as medieval Japan? Couple all that together with some hilarious situational comedy, insanity, and periods of seriousness, you get one awesome story that's part of the 10% that's worth dying for.

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  • Comments: Naruto becomes a Mad Scientist, bent on taking over the world. He tries to make everyone become his minions. That includes the villains, by the way. Quite a few explosions, due to Naruto's new gadgets. Pretty much everything is Played For Laughs, Rule Of Funny is in full effect, plenty of Lampshade Hanging, and the action/fight scenes(however few there are, anyway) are actually pulled off quite well. Overall, just one of the most hilarious fics I've ever read.
    • Unclouded TJ: There are just no words for how wonderfully cracktastic this fic is. I loved the scene that made me think of Washu in Naruto's body. The best part is even though everything is Played For Laughs it also has its serious moments and everything is given a semi to completely reasonable explanation for occurring. Although Naruto is an incredible mechanist there are downsides such as his overall weaker physical fighting (due to less training and more scheming). Going in don't expect much to remain the same as canon as things change rapidly. It's also helpful that the writer is aware of this site and has made a few references to tropes.
    • Read it. Amazing story that try to take itself serious and end as a very good Parody of Empowered Naruto and Mad science in general. Even the bashing of Team 7 is done splendid and Kyuchi is so over the top hilarious that it would break your mind. It also (as per Author Notes) can be read as a Naruto start of darkness and the madness behind the clown smile.
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