Reviews: The Conversion Bureau Cold War

Thank you- finally!

It's happened. It's finally happened. The Conversion Bureau; the racist, evil, logic-defying Conversion Bureau finally got an ass-kicking from my favorite Enemy Mine pairing, Eagle Land and the Dirty Communists, circa late Cold War. This is the technothriller counter-punch to She Who Must Not Be Named's crazy God-Mode Sue fantasies.

If you're looking for moral debates or a balanced portrayal of both sides, look elsewhere. If you want to see Moral Myopia getting the shit kicked out of it by Modern Warfare, this is your fic. Some of the awesome you can look forward to here includes... Reagan giving Celestia the Good Old Fisticuffs... the full military might of the U.N. being unleashed against an alien threat... Tank Goodness, thank God... and one strange, hilarious instance of Just Plane Wrong.

Get reading, troper.