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First Installment Wins,...

Digimon Adventure


Dub Voices of: Joshua Seth, Michael Reisz, Colleen O'Shaughnessey, Mona Marshall, Philece Sampler, Michael Lindsay, Wendee Lee

Grade: A+

Sorry but it's true as I see it. It was this season where it all began and from which every other season must be measured. It began like a stereotypical kids show,with an emphasis on "The Hero of the Day" which one season would put Up To Eleven. Anyway then it really started to grow into it's own

The characters are excellent,unlike Konaka they all managed to have depth,which Kazu and Kenta and Ryu,...did not. They were all very likable.

And then it really defined itself as the best when it got into Myotismon,who started the Complete Monster scale and would remain at the top until Kurata happened,he even stayed ahead of D-Reaper. Ultimately though despite Richard Epcar putting so much into it, it was Wizardmon who stole the show. Between the voice, the Tear Jerker sacrifice (saddest moment in the whole franchise) and the Character Development from Gatmon that ensued

This might also be the only season with a villainous Man Child that can be sympathized with to.

It can be Darker And Edgier when it needs to be,and it can be Lighter And Softer to,without any of the Tastes Like Dirt and Tastes Like Diabetes. It's completely accessible unlike Tamers and much of the time better done,but it's not afraid to be deep like the even numbered seasons. The voices are also really quite superlative.

It also has the best pace,neither does it take ten or more episodes to Grow The Beard (like the other odd numbered seasons) nor does it try to quickly blaze on without any atmosphere set up (Adventure 02). Unfortunately it did go into let-down mode when the Mega levels arrived,I mean for being so powerful,there were the most of them (7 opponents) and half were metal (ironically Metal Garurumon never faced any of those),Kari was kind of a Mary Sue,and the Apocalymon felt tacked on.

Sorry but First Installment Wins,although that doesn't mean there all losers,naw only the even seasons are

Absolutely A Bloody Big Cosmic Clusterf!ck

It's truly a great series, with good voice-acting, character development, a well-rounded cast, etc, etc...

However, regardless of all that, I just can't bring myself to actually watch it, because, as the title of this review says, it is just Absolutely A Bloody Big Cosmic Clusterfuck.

Why do I consider it as such? Because of Ryo, and Millenniumon. If you haven't played the games, the brief summation is that in-between Adventure and 02, Ryo is called to the Digital World, to fight Millenniumon, which was formed from Kimeramon, and the dying Machinedramon, of the four Dark Masters.

Near the end of the fourth game, ZeedMillenniumon releases Apocalymon on the Adventure universe, retroactively creating the Dark Masters, causing one half of the circumstances leading to his creation, and in the third, he infects Ken with a Dark Spore, which eventually causes him to create Kimeramon two years, finally allowing Zeed Mille to create himself.

Millenniumon has caused literally everything, in both Adventure and 02. He caused the existence of the Dark Masters, created the original Dark Spore infecting Ken, which caused him to become the Digimon Kaiser, you name it! Anything in both Adventure and 02 can be traced back to him.

How the Adventure universe literally hasn't been ripped asunder from this paradox, I'll never know.

The series, and it's sequel, are a fine anime, and a less fine anime, though still decent, respectively as stand-alone pieces, but if/when you take the story of Ryo into account, it quickly becomes incredibly convoluted.

In this light, the Tamers-reboot becomes far more understandable, and justified.

Where it all started

Digimon Adventure. Where do I begin? Right up front, I'll be sure to mention its my favorite Digimon Season (although it most certainly isn't the best), and its what got me into digimon, and with a little help, anime in general. But on to the review ... Right after getting the character introductions out of the way, we are cast into the digital world, a rich colorful world with creative design thrown throughout. This whimsical, often beautiful world will be the setting for most of the series, and it will set it apart from other 'children's shows' by having a surprising level of depth. Also surprising is the depth of the characters. Despite being rather clumsily introduced at the beginning of the first episode, throughout the show we slowly delve into what makes them them, and get to watch them grown, and it feels very rewarding. Their development is on par with and perhaps better than most 'adult anime'. We even get to see a realistic portrayal of various types of homelife! True, the digimon themselves could use a bit more development, but even as is, they are a joy to watch as they go from adorable little things to badass warrior monsters. Sure it can get a little silly or over the top at times, but all in all, its a great little show. As for the dub, well, i have mixed feelings. I much prefer the voice acting (and naming scheme) of the dub, but its hard to deny that the japanese version has better dialogue. usually. Though in its defence, a localization is almost always better than a direct translation, although the lull destruction and overly cheesey dialogue could stand to leave. Overall, I give this anime a 8/10 (great)