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Reviews Comments: Absolutely A Bloody Big Cosmic Clusterf!ck Digimon Adventure season review by Snarky Ace

It's truly a great series, with good voice-acting, character development, a well-rounded cast, etc, etc...

However, regardless of all that, I just can't bring myself to actually watch it, because, as the title of this review says, it is just Absolutely A Bloody Big Cosmic Clusterfuck.

Why do I consider it as such? Because of Ryo, and Millenniumon. If you haven't played the games, the brief summation is that in-between Adventure and 02, Ryo is called to the Digital World, to fight Millenniumon, which was formed from Kimeramon, and the dying Machinedramon, of the four Dark Masters.

Near the end of the fourth game, ZeedMillenniumon releases Apocalymon on the Adventure universe, retroactively creating the Dark Masters, causing one half of the circumstances leading to his creation, and in the third, he infects Ken with a Dark Spore, which eventually causes him to create Kimeramon two years, finally allowing Zeed Mille to create himself.

Millenniumon has caused literally everything, in both Adventure and 02. He caused the existence of the Dark Masters, created the original Dark Spore infecting Ken, which caused him to become the Digimon Kaiser, you name it! Anything in both Adventure and 02 can be traced back to him.

How the Adventure universe literally hasn't been ripped asunder from this paradox, I'll never know.

The series, and it's sequel, are a fine anime, and a less fine anime, though still decent, respectively as stand-alone pieces, but if/when you take the story of Ryo into account, it quickly becomes incredibly convoluted.

In this light, the Tamers-reboot becomes far more understandable, and justified.


  • terlwyth
  • 8th May 13
Pfft! Gimme a break,the games came after the show for the most part, just have problem of Suspension Of Disbelief and clearly watch Digimon only as someone who knew of the games.

While people who legitimately grew up watching the show never heard of the games

In short it's a very silly reason to not watch it.
  • BonsaiForest
  • 8th May 13
I know almost nothing about the games. So if the games contradict the cartoon, I wouldn't know. Cartoons based on games often don't line up anyway, like the Super Mario Bros. Super Show for instance.
  • 26th May 13
I'm confused how would you know this show is a cluster fuck if you yourself said you never watched it? I was 7/8 when the show aired and had no problem following most of it without the game knowledge.
  • marcellX
  • 26th May 13
Games made from series try do give Continuity Nods to the show, it doesn't mean it really works that way, the show themselves are mostly made to work in and of themselves.
  • johntoreno07
  • 16th Jun 13
What a dumbass -_- games are non-canon and were NEVER EFFIN RELEASED OUTSIDE JAPAN. geez what an idiot you are to call the whole anime series a "Clusterfcu K" because of some stupid non-canon game you've found.
  • SnarkyAce
  • 17th Jun 13
Except, Johntoreno, for the part where the games are explicitly canon: Ken were infected with the Dark Spore at the end of Tag Tamers, leading to him becoming the Digimon Kaiser.
  • terlwyth
  • 17th Jun 13
Then you ignore it and watch the show for what it is,...that whole damn show came out well before the games, and it was made to be self-contained.

The games are as good as Canon Discontinuity when watching the Adventure, watching 02,...while that's more confusing,that's still a dumb argument.

This is clearly a criticism directed at 02 filed under the original which just as well could have never had a sequel.

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