Reviews Comments: I know why this show has the fanbase it has: it's a refreshing escape from the TV of today.

I know why this show has the fanbase it has: it's a refreshing escape from the TV of today.
First off, I like this show very much. I like the characters (although I would not consider them the ever-changing characters that some claim exist, they do have a decent amount of Hidden Depths and backstory) the art (Flash done right) and the fact that the writing is well-crafted and creative, especially by kids show standards (even in the times when it does seem cliche, the comedy and development is good enough so one can forgive it).

But, I found myself questioning why I like this show so much. Then it hit me: it's just so well written, and does not go into one particular direction like other shows. In fact, it goes back to other kids shows of the early 90s.

The other most popular shows in America targeted to the 18-34 age group are all dark, and the shows aimed to children (sans the cartoons on Disney Channel) try to be grotesque, loud, or disturbing, like they need to get your total attention for every second.

FIM is not loud and annoying (like most of Nick's cartoons), gross and sadistic (recent Spongebob episodes), or cynical (shows like Family Guy, which are targeted to the same age group which forms FIM's Brony fanbase). Instead, it provides a happy show that still focuses on satirical humor, conflict, and adventure. The show harkens back to a simpler time in TV, when cartoons were just fun to watch, and not gross/annoying. (It is dark, yet the show never goes overboard or is cynical in it's darkness.)

I ultimately think that people should watch the show, at least once. I think that to get a proper feel of the adventure aspects, I think that one should start with the two-parter pilot, then go to "Dragonshy" to see the character development and comedy that the show provides.



Its nice to watch the show after seeing something particularly disturbing.
comment #18221 T448Eight 15th Feb 13
I agree...the new shows are either too boring (Adventure Time) or too stupid and sadistic (Spongebob, Family Guy). It's no wonder I grew to love this show. I thought I was going to hate it at first.
comment #18286 MsCC93 22nd Feb 13
I think that cartoons being allowed to be gross occasionally is a big net gain. Before the early nineties, cartoons were strangled by both underestimating what kids like or will take and general moral censorship. It was horrible, but now, cartoons can do so much more. It is glorious.

I find your broad generalizations of kids' cartoons not named My Little Pony to be grossly misinformed and unfair.

On to the show, it's a shame that they weren't able to do more adventurey episodes. I like them so much more than the slice-of-life stories.
comment #18287 doctrainAUM 22nd Feb 13
Well Spongebob and Family Guy used to be good cartoons..I just dislike Mean-spirited humor that has to remind us of how sadistic life can be. There were other good cartoons other than My Little Pony that didn't have to rely on mean-spirited humor like Kim Possible, The Proud Family, The Powerpuff Girls...etc. Like the poster said, it's no wonder this show has fans.
comment #18294 MsCC93 22nd Feb 13
I would put Adventure Time onto that pile. Also, Transformers Prime certainly doesn't use it. I'd say more, but I don't watch many cartoons these days.
comment #18297 doctrainAUM 23rd Feb 13
Thank you all very much.

Just to elaborate: I personally like Adventure Time and Gravity Falls, and those are aimed at Kids. Those shows definitely are not sadistic, or boring, at all. I just think that a good portion of TV nowadays is too dark/annoying/sadistic, and this is one of a few shows that are breaking that trend.

I'm sorry if I came off as stereotyping everything not MLP.
comment #18330 romanatorX 25th Feb 13
comment #30789 WhatArtThee 17th Nov 15
I love it when people forget all the terrible, terrible cartoons of the nineties. So much nostalgia, makes people forget crap like Hammerman, Pro Stars, Cowboys of Moo Mesa and all that other awful, awful garbage. I'd take pretty much anything from the new millennium over shows like that.
comment #30791 LitleWiggle 17th Nov 15
I'm still baffled by how a show featuring candy colored ponies singing songs and learning lessons about friendship is "dark".
comment #30804 WhatArtThee 18th Nov 15
No one said it was.
comment #30805 LitleWiggle 18th Nov 15
"It is dark, yet the show never goes overboard or is cynical in it's darkness"
comment #30814 WhatArtThee 19th Nov 15
Whoa, I totally missed that. Yeah, you're right, what the hell?!
comment #30819 LitleWiggle 19th Nov 15
Does anyone have an explanation?
comment #30850 WhatArtThee 22nd Nov 15
For reference, there are a few episodes (usually in the two-part season finale/premier episodes) that do delve into that sort of territory. The second season premier revolves around a villain systematically trying to drive the protagonist over the Despair Event Horizon, the third season premiere involves an Evil Overloard who enslaved an entire city, the fifth season premiere basically infiltrating a cult that uses very realistic brainwashing methods, etc.

Granted, it doesn't ever really get all that dark, and people tend to overstate it a bit, but the show does have a few dark moments. I mean, it has entries on Vile Villain, Saccharine Show for a reason. It's just that it's usually balanced out with lighter elements so it doesn't stick out as much.
comment #30877 JapaneseTeeth 26th Nov 15

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