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Reviews Comments: Great for any Star Wars fan, not just tabletop gamers Darths And Droids whole series review by foxmccloud 4387

I'll admit it, I've never played a tabletop game in my entire life. But that hasn't stopped me from loving this witty, funny, and engaging webcomic.

The premise of Star Wars as a tabletop game, while not exactly original, certainly adds a new flavor to the saga, as well as explaining away much of the bad writing. The interactions between the players are well-written and funny, and helix perfectly with the screencaps and plot of the games they play. The Romantic Plot Tumor between Anakin and Padme has been explained as an awkward relationship between their players, which spilled over into the characters and was used for Character Development. Anakin's Jumping Off The Slippery Slope is a result of his player wanting to play him as Lawful Evil. The plot of the movies has been altered significantly, restricted only by the screencaps of the movies, though I see this as a positive.

Each comic strip ends with a silly blurb that also imports tips and rulings of the tabletop-gaming world. I like them, but I don't know if experienced players will find them annoying. The blurbs occasionally link to This Very Wiki, showing that the author can use tropes as effective writing tools.

Any Star Wars fan, whether or not they liked the prequels, will enjoy the prequel arc regardless. Liked the prequels? The Alternate Character Interpretation of virtually everyone - especially Jar Jar Binks and Palpatine - will be sure to give you a ton of laughs. Hate the prequels? The various Take That moments towards the actual movies, as well as the patching up of virtually every moment of Fridge Logic, will also make this experience enjoyable.

I'm kinda concerned about the original trilogy arc, though. It may end up not as funny as the prequel arc, the originals being "tamer" movies and all. I haven't been disappointed at all by the strips that have been hashed out so far, but only time will tell.

Nevertheless, it will be a great read, so enjoy yourself!


  • Tomwithnonumbers
  • 17th May 12
So far I'm actually already liking the original trilogy a bit more than the Revenge of the Sith. Revenge of the Sith got a bit confusing and there didn't seem to be as much magic, all the creating was done, but Obi-Wan and Luke seem to really bring that back a bit (so far, I know we'll have to wait and see :D)
  • Mischlings
  • 17th May 12
The original trilogy isn't quite far along enough to really have momentum behind it (Star Wars actually starts off with a pretty slow pace), so we'll know in time. Also, like most webcomics, it really works best when read all at once as opposed to as the strips come out, and I've found that this comic really works well if you read it using Archive Binge (which was made by the same people who write the comic, incidentally).

But I'm with you on this — I love the series, and I've never played a tabletop game. I actually think this is better than DM of the Rings, but that may be personal preference. In fact, this has made me want to check out tabletop games.

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